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Posted: 3/13/2017 5:53:54 PM EDT
Has anyone actually owned a Beretta M9 .22LR or M9A1 .22LR pistol?  Or shot one a lot somewhere?

Comments solicited on quality, durability, accuracy, and function.  Or anything else worth mentioning, i.e., what ammo did it run on or choke on?

Beretta doesn't make it.  The pistol says Umarex makes it on the side of the dust cover/slide.  Germany.  Usually their pot metal guns are not much to brag about.


or even better

Link Posted: 3/13/2017 6:11:09 PM EDT
Is this a gun or the conversion kit?

I have the conversion kit for my 92.  It eats anything.  I just put 150 rounds through it on Saturday.

ETA - Its a gun, disregard I know nothing about the gun
Link Posted: 3/13/2017 6:24:32 PM EDT
I have the M9-22. Only shot it once. Shot great and was a lot of fun to shoot. I would recommend it. Easy to clean as well.
Link Posted: 3/13/2017 7:11:45 PM EDT
You worded the question Wrong.  Not Beretta. At all.
Link Posted: 3/13/2017 8:21:09 PM EDT
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You worded the question Wrong.  Not Beretta. At all.
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Yeah, I understand.  Umarex I buy for half decent CO2 BB pistols.  The S&W .22LR they made was not of great quality.  Since terminated and replaced.

But Beretta has it on their web page, they advertise it as Beretta, they sell it as Beretta, but it still says Umarex on the dust cover.  So what the H do you/I/we/me call it?

Begs the question, though, and I did ask for user info, not parentage problems of which I understand.  Clearly a bastard.  But even something of questionable parentage can work correctly.
Link Posted: 3/14/2017 11:58:47 AM EDT
I have a M9-22 and yes it says Umarex on it but it shoots great is very accurate, I love the 15rd mags. Functions like the 9mm but is lighter thanks to the polymer frame. You can change the grips out if you want. I've put a brick of Federal bulk through mine without a single problem.
Link Posted: 3/14/2017 7:50:32 PM EDT
Thank you.


Looked at a 92FS-22 sand color and a M9-22 black today.

Nice trigger pull.  DA pull nice also.

But a Glock shooter is easily impressed by a single action trigger.

May look at them again.  Still deciding.  Big grip.

Adder:  I did talk to a Beretta TechRep before looking again.

-steel barrel (true)

-aluminum slide (true)

-polymer frame/handle/grip (true)

-steel insert that makes the "slide rails" in the handle's plastic body (Turned out wrong info.  NOT steel.  A mystery metal.  Not magnetic.)(Who Knows What It Will Mean)

-both short and tall front sights to adjust elevation if needed (Plastic with white dots so deep they shadow.  Have to be filled level with white finger nail polish or are useless)

-one (1) magazine (true)(normal in some brands, but crummy when you have to buy a second one)

The 92FS-22, M9-22, and M9A1-22 are all the same except for color (black/sand) and markings on the slide.

Maybe better than now discontinued S&W .22 Umarex made.

Random collection of steel and PLASTIC small parts where on 9mm they would be all steel.  

For example, Safety left side lever is steel, but right side lever is plastic.

Just wish "Umarex" not on dust cover.

Adder 2:  Spent money on the M9-22 version.  Black one, no rail.

Stripped and lubed whatever a Glock shooter thought needed lubed.  Filled level the deep idiotic white dot holes in the front and rear sights with white finger nail polish.  That way light from other then level 6 O'Clock does not make a shadow and move impact here and there.

Shot it at 25 yards rested over a bench on a soft pad two handed.  10 rounds of four ammos all on the same black 2"x2" square for impact comparison.  Sights were the factory front #2 and rear as assembled by Fritz Inspector 13 in Krautland at Umarex.


All in all, a bunch in the aiming square as taken out of the box.

The four ammos were fired in order of the 1-2-3-4 numbers on the target.  These were the first 40 shots out of the gun.  The Rem40RNHS compared to the CCI Blazer 40RNHS puzzled me.  In the off chance it being the first 10 rounds out of the gun using the Remington OR, and I say OR, the cold rained on old timer shooting it took 10 rounds to learn the trigger, I reshot the Remington as the fifth group on a separate target:

No clue on why the difference.  But a lot of difference.

For grins, I shot a magazine of Federal Auto Match into the dirt berm.


Remington 40 grain Golden Bullets, 100 plastic box, HSRN:  fired and cycled 30/30 rounds.  Low impact on target, both groups.  I would discount the first group of 10 shots as the first 10 out of the gun.  The second tight but low group was not an accident.  Just lower than Blazer.

CCI Blazer 40 grain RNHS, 50 box:  fired and cycled 15/15 rounds.  Smallest group centered on center of black 2x2".  I'll take it.

Federal Auto Match 40 RN
1200fps claimed, bulk pack 325 box:  Fired all 30 rounds once chambered.  One stovepiped failure to eject.  4 or 5 short strokes where the slide did not cycle far enough to pick up a new round out of the magazine.  Distinctly weak recoil/noise/power.  Sucky in this gun.  Larger group than holds although 7/10 went into the black square.  Beretta manual says it works with high speed and standard speed .22LR.  No Way!  It won't even cycle with nearly high speed.  In fairness to the M9-22, the Federal Auto Match ONLY cycles my S&W AR15-22 with a blue spring.  It does not cycle my Glock AA converter, Ruger target model 6 7/8" pistol, or anything else I remember.

CCI Velicitor 40 Dimple Point HS, equivalent to CCI MiniMag 40RNHS, but with a shallow hollow in the nose:  fired and cycled 15/15.  Mile wide shots.  Not shooter.

Cold and wet and went home after 90 rounds.

The trigger single action is not bad.  All the controls functioned as expected.  The slide locked open every time it should and never when it shouldn't.

The rear versus front sight combo is dumb.  There is so much light on each side of the front sight that it is hard to center it.  

Nice feel to grip just like M9 9mm.  Big grip.  Forget the mini-hands, women, and kids.  All in all, not bad for the price.

Ordered some more 15 round magazines.  Now to hunt up some more Blazer 40RN.
Link Posted: 3/17/2017 4:40:19 PM EDT
Additions in post above.  Better photos.
Link Posted: 3/20/2017 5:27:25 PM EDT
Another 100 rounds of Rem40HS and CCI Blazer.  100% function.  

5-10-15-20-25 yard target.  Fired two handed standing not fast, not slow, just comfortable.    10 each.  Reasonably accurate for being shot in cloudy breeze and light rain.

Glock trigger finger struggles with a decent 5# crisp trigger on M9-22.  Interesting example without bothering with a 9mm.  Certainly worth the $299.
Link Posted: 3/20/2017 5:35:13 PM EDT
I have owned two Umarex potmetal guns.  I didn't like either of them and both were gone within the month.  With my track record, that would mean 'not liking' is more of an extreme hate, like as in that gun was a liberal democrat.
Link Posted: 3/20/2017 6:26:15 PM EDT
So what does one do?  Fake bad results?  Hit it with a hammer and break it?  No. No Thank You.

I had my own questions and asked here.  Couple guys were helpful.  I Didn't see you contributing any info of use.

I spent my money.  

Having fired it 200 rounds, it shoots 100% with high speed .22LR, it shoots to its sights, it groups reasonably well, it has a decent trigger, and all its functions operate correctly.

I like Glock and S&W stuff.  I also think a citizen should be familiar with the service arms of his country.  When the stuff hits the fan, there will be plenty lying about to pick up.

The Beretta M9-22 seems adequate for familiarization with the M9 system.

It it breaks, wears out, or FUBARS, I will happily report back.

Adder:  I did strip it after 200 rounds.  No observable black finish wear was seen on the frame "rails" or on the matching surfaces inside the slide.  The trigger pull remained the same hair under 5#.  The sights stayed put.  (I would be gentle on the rear sight set screw since the sight is plastic.  You could push the sight straight up right out the top of the dovetail with force.  Don't be that guy.).  The one magazine fed every single round if the ammo pushed the slide to the rear (note the low powered Federal Auto Match 40RN had no power).  Brown truck brought more magazines today.  I am thinking the M9-22 will get shot more.
Link Posted: 3/21/2017 6:57:41 PM EDT
Great review LSA. I need to set up a target instead of just flipping cans in the back yard. One thing I had to do today is clean rust off the safety, barrel and slide release. It was real light and come off easy with steel wool but was real surprised to pull out of the safe and see the rust.
Link Posted: 3/24/2017 8:41:42 AM EDT
Thank you.

Tried three new mags.  50 rounds each of CCI Blazer 40RNHS and WW36HPHS.  Perfect.  WW was many years old.  (New WW rimfire terrible in any thing for non-ignition and I avoid it.)

DA/SA transition reminds me why entire DA/SA safety/de-cocker system of S&W, Beretta, Walther, SIG, is useable, but un-necessary.  

Other than as a range plaything, I will stick with Glock and Smith revolvers.
Link Posted: 3/27/2017 10:32:14 PM EDT
I do like the Advantage Arms 17/22 .22LR conversion on a dedicated Glock 22 frame.  Just like the parent Glocks.

I do note the cost of the AA kit equaled the cost of the whole Beretta M9-22. Not to mention the extra Glock 22 it rides on was new.  Cost would go to the Beretta.

Function with the "liked" ammo is 98-100% for the AA kit with a lot of battering repairs.   The striker block eats strikers left and right on no more than cleaning dry fire disassembly.  The mag and op springs are low duration items.  

The M9-22 has been 100% with its liked ammos and has no battering I can find (yet).  Durability unknown for the Beretta but function goes to it so far.

Accuracy with careful shooting, probably goes to the Glock AA due to better sights.  I tended to lose the Beretta front sight in slow fire in the target up above.  

The HiViz sights on the AA kit will last forever.  The little bitty Beretta plastic sights worry me as do other plastic parts on it.

Comparison Glock target:

All in all, both fun.

The Beretta is assuredly cheap familiarization with the current service pistol.
Link Posted: 4/20/2017 8:32:59 PM EDT
Has anyone actually owned a Beretta M9 .22LR or M9A1 .22LR pistol?  Or shot one a lot somewhere?

Comments solicited on quality, durability, accuracy, and function.  Or anything else worth mentioning, i.e., what ammo did it run on or choke on?

Beretta doesn't make it.  The pistol says Umarex makes it on the side of the dust cover/slide.  Germany.  Usually their pot metal guns are not much to brag about.


or even better

View Quote

If you want a real Beretta made pistol in .22LR, you can get any of the following (some
models are made in the USA and some are made in Italy):

Beretta 21A (compact carry). Still in production, well made, accurate and
reliable for a pistol of it's type.

Beretta Model 70S (target/carry), a favorite of the Israeli Massad, very
accurate, and extremely reliable, over 1,000 rounds with out cleaning till
it went out battery from the dirt and wax at about 1,100 rounds. All
Steel wonder pistol...Sadly out of production, but can still be found
on the used pistol market.

Beretta Model 87 (mid/full size target pistol). Still in production, well made,
typical Beretta quality...

Good luck.
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