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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/11/2003 1:55:10 PM EST
Well, the very first handgun I acquired was a Beretta 92FS-C, about 3 months ago (my very first gun I have ever owned, and I'm 27). I actually received it as a partial "payment" for a debt owed to me. It was an Italian made one, with five factory 13rd mags. Unfortunately, being the "C" (compact?) model that holds 13 rds, the grip was a bit too small for my hands, (even though I loved the way it shot) so I sold it and picked up a used 9mm SIG Sauer P226. I also found a great deal on an ITI M6 with the P226 rail adapter, which I splurged on (and don't regret). The P226 has night sites, and Hogue dimple grips on it. I like the SIG, but my wife (who is even newer to the shooting sports than I am) found it to have way too much "barrel flip" for her to be able to use it comfortably and accurately. So far, we had the Beretta, which was too small for me, and too big for her, and then the P226 which was perfect for me, but a little too much for her to handle. So, being the good husband I am, yesterday I picked up a Glock 17C for her to try out, hoping that the compensation would help her out. I have yet to take it to the range to try it out (nor has she), but she loves the feel of it, so I hope it works out. I'm glad I received that first handgun in trade - it has propelled me into firearms (and target shooting for fun) in a big way, and to top it off, my wife likes it now too! Another activity we can enjoy together . This board was a BIG, BIG help in researching the handguns I have purchased. In the last 3 months, I have had the Beretta, the P226, a Walther P22 and now the G17C. I am also about to try my hand at building my first AR-15 (just picked up the last parts kit I will need) to add to my growing rifle collection (M14s, Maadi, M4gery, Ruger10/22 - not bad for only 3 months I guess), but that's discussion for another forum.

My point? Well, none really... I am just happy to have found the "joys" of firearm ownership, and the fun it has provided so far. Thanks for everyone's input, opinions and reviews about different firearms - it has helped a LOT. Next one on my list? I'd like a P99.
Link Posted: 10/12/2003 7:47:47 PM EST
Great story, and glad to see you got into the sport - whatever the cause

Me, I've been hooked since I was 5 years old and Dad took me out to shoot the .22 bolt action Sears rifle and the 16 guage Model 12 - which knocked me flat on my back! But I hit the can . I got right back up and fired it again. I guess I haven't really stopped...

Yeah, I know this is an old thread.... I was searching the 92FS and saw this. Somehow I just aquired one tonight...
Link Posted: 10/13/2003 10:33:55 AM EST
Welcome to the club! :)
Thats quite a collection for 3 months, pretty good choices.

How do you like the walther p22?

One thing that I would recomned, is getting a quality gunsafe before your collection gets any bigger, and if/when you buy one get it twice as big as you think you will need, cause its really hard to get guns in and out if there is one in every slot.

Link Posted: 10/13/2003 10:47:40 AM EST
Yeah, a safe is one of the next items on my list... I can't believe how expensive they are though.

Since the above post, I also added a SIG P220 (.45) and built two more AR-15's.
Link Posted: 10/13/2003 11:46:40 AM EST
Sounds like me.. I turned 19 in june, and even tho I could have bought longarms when I was 18 I didn't even know until I was 19 and found this site. Started looking around, which drew some heavy interest in getting a 'M4gery', which I ended up buying as my first rifle of my own. I now own that AR, a century arms 91 clone, remington 700pss, and my newest purchase a glock 19. :) About two months from now I'll have a psg1 type rifle finished as well. When I turn 21 I plan on getting a nice suppressor and a HK USP tactical for it. :]
I'm addicted, thanks.
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