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Posted: 9/30/2005 11:55:39 AM EDT
Has anyone out there removed your BHPs magizine safties?? I got a exploded view of the BHP and from what I can see it looks like you just have to remove one pin and your home free!! That sound a little to good to be true, so I didnt want to attempt it without consulting some other sources.

Now I know someone is going to tell me that they dont recomend removing any safties,
WELL . . . dont care the things gotta go. I know someone else is gunna recomend me take it to a gunsmith and have him do it. WELL . . . I want to do it myself. But yes I probebly will take the thing to a gunsmith before fireing it, so dont fret Ill try not to blow myself up ! ! !

thanx 4 all the input, any and all info will be helpful !
Link Posted: 10/1/2005 7:20:06 AM EDT
That's pretty much all there is too it. Remove the trigger from the frame, and realize it's a tapered pin that comes out and goes back in only one direction. That's the only real trick. The small end if the right side. As for the pin in the trigger that holds the mag disconnect, just be careful that you don't slip with your punch. Good luck. Oh, a little word of advice for getting the trigger pin in the frame out. It's tight. Start it with a plastic mallet or short fiberglass punch so as to avoid marring the finish.

By the way, it's technically not a safety, and the advice I would tell people is don't worry about it. If you ever really do get into a shooting, realize a lawsuit is comeing regardless of how stock your gun is and how justified you are, especially if you have any resources that the bad guy or his family can attack. If it happens on your property, consider that the bad guy or his family will be looking at you AND your homeowners insurance, if applicable. Think more in terms of finding a good attorney.
Link Posted: 10/2/2005 9:35:27 AM EDT
Thanx hobbes
Link Posted: 10/6/2005 12:19:29 PM EDT
Just to follow up and emphasize what Habbs said, don't call it a safety. Call it what it is. Its a magazine disconnect. I would never advocate removing a safety device. Removing a magazine disconnect however, is not going to affect the safety of the gun.
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