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Posted: 12/15/2016 9:48:10 PM EST
So I realize melted says not to, and I relize 22 mag is super sonic and will never be "quiet". But I have this mental condition where I HAVE to have suppressors on everything. And a pistol that retails for me locally at $400 I'm not super worried about voiding warranty

Due to the unique locking action of the PMR-30 pistol and the lightweight slide and barrel, the use of a suppressor is not recommended as it will cause an increase in gas volume and pressure and the slide will likely unlock early. This will cause an increase in gases and residue that is ejected back towards the shooters face and could also cause a case rupture to occur. Any damage or injuries caused by the use of a suppressor or other heavy weight muzzle device attached to the PMR-30 pistol will not be covered by any Warranty."

My question is what can I do to the pistol to make it run safely with a suppressor? Use a heavier recoil spring? Slow the slide down somehow? What are your ideas for things to do.
Link Posted: 12/17/2016 3:56:10 PM EST
I figure a can with a booster may work from playing with the action too much. I'd screw a 9mm can on and try it. Just not sure how it'll react with added back pressure. Problem then may be weight.
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