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Posted: 1/8/2012 7:05:42 AM EDT
I got some Sliver Bear 9mm ammo I picked up over a year ago. Finally, I had time go to the indoor range close to me. I shoot the bulk of the ammo I brought last year without any problems in my pistols. So, I took my g19, g26, p226, p99, and by steyr gb. I encountered some hard primer rounds during my shooting. It happened to the Sig and g19 only. I was more surprised that Sig had the most 6 out of 9 primer failure to hit on the first strike. The most bizarre failure was on the g19. Shooting up on the last mag on the 19. I got the last failure to ignite that occurred. Try to do malfunction clearance drill on the 19. I was unable to rack the slide. I thought that was strange and proceeded to strip the 19. I did not see anything break nor saw anything indicated a bulged barrel. What I saw was that a case was still in the chamber. Finished up and went home to see what went wrong. Got home got my light hammer to tap out the barrel from the slide. This is what I saw. A good hit on the primer which I know that the pistol was working at the time. What blew me away was the primer did not look right. Looked at it from a different angle and noticed that primer was not seated right. The primer was backed out a bit. I am guessing that the primer wad backed out enough where the firing pin after hitting it. The primer outside was very hard to prevent ignition but form fitted around the pin and channel preventing me from racking the slide. I have the round on the side. Planning to take pics and.posting it later.
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