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Posted: 7/19/2008 6:22:27 PM EDT
I frequently find myself coming back to this forum because a few years back I sold my Glock 23 to a buddy to fund a new P99 in .40. It's in the original trigger style, now referred to as the "AS" (anti stress, as I'm sure most of you are aware).

As of late I have found I have taken a strong dislike to the trigger- the gun itself is great, although I have shied away from .40 cals in my last two purchases. But that DA trigger!! I just wish I could pull out a glock trigger and stuff it inside the frame and be done with it. The SA pull is just fine, better in my opinion than either the XD or Glock striker fired trigger pulls....

I guess it boils down to two factors 1) The heaviness and length of the DA pull and 2) the fact that there is an inherent inconsistency in trigger pulls with a traditional DA/SA auto. And with the developments in pistol triggers since the glock popped up almost 25 years ago, I say that the DA/SA (w/o a safety) is an inexcusably outdated design to use in a modern firearm.

That being said, had this gun been made with a safety I think it'd be damn close to perfection, combining the best modern polymer-frame hicap features with a traditional 1911 ability to carry "cocked and locked". But that's pretty much out of the question, especially as a retrofit on existing frames (no slide retrofits, please! They'd be expensive and...c'mon, who the hell wants a slide mounted safety!!? Other than the US military, but that's another story)

So, the point of my post is this- Is there any chance that someone, someday, somewhere will give us a retrofit (gunsmith or "drop in") that will make the trigger a quick action? I know there is the QA floating around out there, but I have no idea whether or not you could stuff that inside a AS frame.


Link Posted: 7/19/2008 7:44:17 PM EDT
Why don't you post a WTT (want to trade) ad in the equipment exchange for a P99QA? I think that if you were to get the slide NP3 coated, you would see a big improvement in the AS trigger. The biggest problem with the DA pull (and the main cause of the gritty feel) is that the spring channel inside the slide is not machined glass smooth. Getting the slide and spring coated will significantly reduce the friction between the two and smooth out the trigger tremendously (there's no way to get around the heavy pull, unfortunately).
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