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Posted: 4/13/2002 11:30:54 AM EDT
a Springfield Armory V-16? If so what do you think of it.I was thinking about getting one for myself but I wanted a little insight first.
Link Posted: 4/14/2002 6:24:06 PM EDT
I owned a SA V-10 comped Ultra Carry (3.5 inch barrel...so can't fit 16 holes in it!!!).

The gun shot fine, but here's my problem with it...and why I sold it (which is RARE):

A) Lead and exhausts shoots up through the compensator. While this is not news to anyone who's shot a compensated pistol, I didn't like the safety issue since it was used for a carry pistol (for a short while...as soon as I could sell it).

B) The 1911 doesn't really kick that bad anyway, why comp it? Unless you are shooting bullseye competition, it's just a needless feature.

C) In my opinion, I didn't get as much velocity (didn't meter it though) from my rounds. The .45ACP is slow enough, so I don't want to cause any more arc in the ballistic path than necessary.

D) Cleaning out the ports can be a real bitch if you shoot a lot of lead.

Nice gun, looks cool. But, in my opinion...just redneck window dressing.

Link Posted: 4/16/2002 11:02:55 AM EDT
Thanks for the insight.Mydad just shot his for the first time and said the same thing.I wanted one since they came out(I thought that it was the coolest looking 1911 that I ever saw)but every time I`m ready to buy it I see some form of preban do a cart wheel and end up gettin the preban over the V-16.Funny too. I was b!tching for handgunsheavy.gif
Link Posted: 4/20/2002 8:25:33 AM EDT
I have a v-10.

Best shooting pistol of the six I own.

When you buy it you get a brush made for cleaning the ports.

My 13 yr old daughter shot it accurately. No complaint on the recoil, just the weight as it's all steel.

I carry it.

I don't get all the worries about ported weapons.
Do you really think it will matter? I would suggest you just make sure you're carrying a weapon that you can double tap (at least) instinctively and have confidence in.

That is why it's my 1st choice for carry, even though it's heavy.

I have shot about 800 rounds through it. I love it. I can rapid fire accurately with it, double tap head or body. Walk shots from sternum to bridge of the nose etc.. I think a well-placed 165 + grain hollowpoint will do the job.

It will certainly ruin the bg's day.....

IMHO I love my springfield, would recommend it to anyone....

Now the question. Any body try the double action 1911 Para? I like the idea of a double action 1911, are the any good?
Link Posted: 4/20/2002 10:03:32 AM EDT
I got a chance to run a couple of mags through the Para LDA last year.

The DA trigger doesn't work like you'd think. I seem to recall there wasn't any restrike capability. It was sort of DAO but not really.

It's one of those guns that you'd really have to get used to if you were going to carry it.

Other than that, the trigger felt good and it was fairly accurate.
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