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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 1/12/2006 12:43:12 PM EST
I am interested in hearing about any carry menthod that is comfortable and works well. My box of dead holsters has got so big I hardly care now and chalk every new holster up to experience.

I do really like that new 232, though - that's a keeper.

Thanks in advance for any explanation of what brand or style works well for you.

Link Posted: 1/15/2006 8:55:40 PM EST
[Last Edit: 1/15/2006 9:03:27 PM EST by Phlybox]
Just got my P232 two months ago. I have an Uncle Mike's ankle holster that does fine for around town. I have read many ravings about High Noon holsters which, I believe, are custom made for EACH handgun, as opposed to being made for 'most semiauto handguns with 3-4 in. barrels,' for example. Since they would have to have something like 98,000 handmade holsters in stock to cover their entire line, they only stock the best-sellers and make the rest per order. The result is, from what I read, a superb holster, but it will cost between $30 and $110, and you will be waiting up to three months.

During the winter, it's a fine pocket gun.

I too am curious to read what others post on this topic. Good question.

Link Posted: 1/16/2006 3:45:14 AM EST
Thanks for your thoughts. This doesn't seem to be a red-hot topic, but I have shot the pistol on several occasions since the first post and am more convinced than ever as to what a fine firearm it is.

Link Posted: 1/16/2006 8:23:22 PM EST
Hey, even though it's not a 'red hot topic,' we can still keep it going and spread the wealth of knowledge, right?

In considering holsters, I sought the advice of one of my bosses who used to be a state trooper, and who carried a P230 as his backup for many years. He put me on to that Uncle Mike's ankle holster I mentioned in my prior post. On advantage to this style of holster, he explained, is weapon accessiblity in a surprise attack. Say you are walking along the street and all of a sudden, an attacker pounces on you. Chances are, he's going to wrestle you onto your back. What if your gun is now between your butt and the sidewalk (thanks to your IWB holster) and you've got both arms busy fighting off his ongoing attack? An ankle holster allows you to bring your knee up to supplement your defense, perhaps long enough so that you can even free up an arm and grab your carry piece. I had never considered that.

Having done my best to sell the idea of an ankle holster, let me abandon them altogether. As for the High Noon holster I mentioned, one guy on one forum praised the Tailgunner. I like the looks of the Hidden Ally or Split Decision, mostly because I'm not terribly familiar with the differences between cowhide and horsehide, and so am not sold on the added value, weighed against the added expense of the latter. Of course, the ones I like are also 'stocking items' and so there should be no 3-month waiting period; that suits me fine too.

Tactical pointer for you too, though as the owner of many holsters, you have probably considered this more thoroughly than I. Think about magazine storage. Seven, or 7+1 rounds go by pretty quickly, and unless you are deadly accurate with your rounds, you will probably need more .380 to halt an attacker. If you're not used to the Euro-style mag release, practice with it. Experiment until you find the best place for mag storage, and then always store it in the same way so that you know without a doubt that when you, say, pull it out of your back pocket, you rotate your hand half a turn clockwise and slide it into the mag well. Seems to me it's the little things, the things that shave a second--or a half a second, or a tenth of a second--off your response time that may well enable you to walk away from a conflict alive and in one piece. I'm no tactical expert, but that seems like common sense. And as a pianist and flyfisherman, I appreciate the value of routine and practice as well as anyone.

Still a good topic. Since when do the masses recognize good material, anyway?

Link Posted: 1/17/2006 5:16:20 PM EST
Tag, cause a P230 is on my short list and I want to know too.
Link Posted: 1/22/2006 5:07:10 AM EST
I use a couple of different holsters for my 230's as dress dictates. Mostly I use one as a back up in a Desantis Ankle holster ( www.desantisholster.com/044.html ) So far, its been the only ankle holster I've found that I can wear all day in comfort.

I also use a Blade Tech IWB on occasion. Comfortable and concealable and the 230 is dry, even when I'm sweating like a pig. You can easily change the cant and attachment method.

One other holster that works very well is a Kreamer Confidant undershirt holster. ( www.kramerleather.com/productDetail.cfm?productID=65&categoryID=21 ) I can wear both 230's in comfort under a tucked in dress shirt. Its a little slow to get to them, but really not all that bad if you think it out and practice. I've actually carried a Combat Commander and a double reload in it a couple of times, but the 230's are a lot more comfortable. If your looking to get one, order it one size smaller than you normally wear. It will be snug, but not tight, and it will help keep things from moving around.
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