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9/19/2017 7:27:10 PM
Posted: 12/4/2002 4:51:12 PM EDT

I'd like a cheap, reliable pistol project. I see all these cheap Argentines, Hungarians, etc. out there for less than $300.

I'd probably parkerize it and change out the springs, and maybe the grip. Other than that, I just want a good reliable shooter.

I'm not going to be betting my life on it, that's what the Beretta 92FS is for.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

Link Posted: 12/4/2002 5:21:29 PM EDT
I dont have any experience with the FEG and Argentine Brownings, but I hear that when you get a good one, they are just as reliable as the original (just not as well finished). I love my MkIII Browning. I still have it, and on occassion carry it. It almost always goes with me to the range though, and I can't begin to tell you how many rounds I put through it in the year and a half Ive had it. Nothing else feels like a Browning. You'll get adicted. I dont have my 92FS anymore
Link Posted: 12/4/2002 5:50:18 PM EDT

I too have wanted some info o the FEG's

Try this link to some good pics.
Link Posted: 12/4/2002 6:06:45 PM EDT

Seems they are fine guns. Anyone know who currently has them for sale?
Link Posted: 12/4/2002 7:10:01 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 12/4/2002 7:11:50 PM EDT by sig_230]
Here's all you could ever want to know.

But I sure wouldn't parkerize it or change springs until it's fully broken in. Grips are good though.

My experience has been that these are every bit as good as the FN P-35s and in particular, the FM M-95 is the onet that I shoot the most often, even more often than my Brownings.

The FEG PJK is a clone of the Browning MK II. The fit and finish are as good or better than you'll find on the original. I have installed parts for a standard BHP and even the ambi safety from Cylinder & Slide with no problems. Grips and mags interchange with no problems.

Here is an FEG PJK with Spegel Tulipwood Grips in a Mr Softy IWB from High Noon Holsters.

There is the Arcus 94 that is made in Bulgaria. Again, grips, slides and MOST internal parts are fully interchangeable with the HP. The Arcus looks more like a BDM than the hp, but it shoots just as good.

Another choice is the FM HiPower. This isn't really a clone. This is made in Argentina under license from FN. The FM M-95 is a MK III and every part I've tried so far has fit. IMHO, this is the best buy in HPs out there right now. This one has the Hogue Kingwood Presentation Grips on it.

Finally, there is the Browning or FN HiPower. This is the MK III in all of its glory. There is nothing I can say negative about it. One of the greatest designs ever. This Mk III is sporting some Hogue Kingwood Grips.

Here is a family portrait of all the options out there. Clockwise from the Top; Arcus 94, FM HiPower with Hogue Kingwood grips, Browning BDM, Browning Mk III with Spegel Presentation Tulipwood Grips. FEG PJK with Spegel Tulipwood grips.

Link Posted: 12/5/2002 1:42:27 PM EDT


Do you have a source for the FEG's???


Link Posted: 12/8/2002 12:49:06 AM EDT
My advice is to save your money and buy a Browning High-Power (BHP). There is no resale with the clones. So if you put money into a clone it is gone. I shoot and like FEG, FM, and Arcus pistols. My opinion is the Arcus is the best of the clones and licensed copies. The FEG looks very good on the outside but you will find plenty of tool marks on the inside. The FM's exterior is painted for a reason and that is they aren't finished well. The Arcus looks more like it has a Sig slide and trigger guard but they are well finished. One man's opinion. Regards, Richard:-)
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