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Posted: 8/1/2009 8:42:34 AM EST
Meh I think this is not gonna get an answer at the Desert Eagle thread,so I'll try here.

Ok I kind of want a big handgun,REALLY big,so I've been casting about and the .50 AE DE is.....well kinda hard to get ammo for plus I've held a DE it sucks donkey balls for ergos,.460,.500,.454 is...um,fuck just how much is ammo!?

So I saw the BFR and saw it's available in 45/70,I have a 45/70 Marlin that cal is fairly sane on ammo cost and where one can get it hmmmmmmmmm

So I wanna take a ride! I'm eyeballing the 71/2 barrel to keep size (somewhat) within reason and cal 45/70 since I have support for it already,it should be fun with "trapdoor" loads and downright insane with something warmer,like the Leverevoloution shells.

And yes,yes I am nuts
Link Posted: 8/2/2009 12:55:15 AM EST
I own and shoot the .50AE Eagle.... its a great deer gun. Ammo is pretty scarce, but the brass lasts forever if loaded with followup loadings in mind... I've gotten about 10 loadings out of each shell from "plinking" rounds.

I've shot the 45/70 BFR and it was quite the handful. Being a revolver, similar in pattern to an 1873 SAA, it really rolls up on recoil. First round almost put the front sight post through my skull. Subsequent rounds I was prepared for and didn't have near the muzzle flip as my first shot. I couldn't imagine shooting that beast with a heavy hunting load... the blackpowder loads I shot out of it were stout enough.

Both guns have too much muzzle flip to get a 2nd follow up off quickly/accurately, but they are both a blast to shoot in their own way.
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