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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 11/4/2003 6:01:40 PM EST
I think the only mod I can see doing to my 1991A1 is replacing the stock grip safety with a more positive type. (more saftey sticking out by the spring housing and the bigger 'tail')

how do I determine the radius on my Colt?

Are these easy to fit/replace?

tips/advice (~)???

oh, I might also like to put a different thumb safety on it, one with a bigger tab.. any recomendations?

Link Posted: 11/5/2003 2:25:46 AM EST
Wilson Combat makes a drop in safety for the Colt frame. I have one on my 1991 stainless, works like a charm. The only thing is you have to fit the part where the safety engages the sear. If you have a file or a dremmil (sp) you will be fine
Link Posted: 11/5/2003 6:16:45 PM EST
You can probably get the exact radius specs on your 1991 from Colt, give them a call. I don't know if they would give it to you verbally (doubt it, at least not all in one call), or through mail, email, etc.

I've had good experience with Colt on the phone. Coincidentally, it was a 1991 I purchased and when I got it home the foam on the lower section of the case wasn't glued down. I really wasn't worried about it but figured, hey, I spent the money...
I called, was only put on hold shortly while she verified my serial #, and a new case with some Colt stickers inside (put 'em on my ear protection) arrived ASAP priority mail, no questions asked. Granted, an easy one on their end, but I bet they'd work with you.

As far as switching out the grip safety for a different one, I'm envisioning lots of pins and some swearing out loud....standard. I think the hardest part would be fitting the new grip safety.
Link Posted: 11/5/2003 6:53:49 PM EST
[Last Edit: 11/5/2003 6:54:48 PM EST by Lumpy196]
The radius is determined by the brand of aftermarket grip safety you choose, most usually running .250.

You are talking about parts that interact with the heart of your pistol. Ive been around 1911s for years, and theres no way Id attempt fitting the manual safety that has to precisely mate with sear surfaces. The grip safety should be properly fitted to engage correctly also. Id leave these mods up to a qualified gunsmith expert in the 1911.

Its not an AR15. Very few parts that effect function are bolt on.

As for the parts, my choice would be Ed Brown, simply because the grip safety is the most comfortable for me, and I like the shape of their extended thumb safety.

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