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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 3/5/2006 1:40:49 PM EST
Anyone reload this Bullet?

Ive reload several and had some good results but not anything to write home about!

this 135grJHP @ 1300 FPS seems like it would be a good stopper?

Must have bad jello reports?

I would like to see some better Factory loads for the 135 or even less?

the 9mm 127+p+ is a nice load
Link Posted: 3/6/2006 5:10:51 PM EST
Speed isnt everything. 135gr .40cal loads may have more of that FPE, but it has very lil penetration. I wouldnt ever consider using such a light bullet for SD/HD, but YMMV.
Link Posted: 3/7/2006 8:10:11 AM EST
125JHP 357 magnum 1450FPS best of all stoppers????
Link Posted: 3/7/2006 8:20:30 AM EST
180 gr. I don't care for the little fast rounds. I like big & heavy. Penetration is usually better with the heavier rounds. Plus, I find 180's to be more controllable. MJD
Link Posted: 3/7/2006 8:42:01 AM EST

Originally Posted By FMJ:
125JHP 357 magnum 1450FPS best of all stoppers????

Urban myth, at best.

The best loads are ones that penetrate deep enough into the body to effect the major organs, major blood carriers, and the central organs. Most lightweight (for caliber) loads cant do this.

Tactical Forums check out the Termina Effects Forum.
Link Posted: 3/7/2006 10:13:49 AM EST
[Last Edit: 3/7/2006 10:34:24 AM EST by FMJ]

Thats so funny ?? You must be young guy! Do you know what a 357magnum can do with that little 125gr bullet? 125gr. has enough weight to do the job! Ive been carrying a handgun for over 20 years and read every book possible.

357mag 1n 125gr. and the 45acp 185/200 are hands down the best

And I also carry 180JHP in my Sig P229 but it aint no 357magnum 125SJHP

I`ll go buy the Proven History of the 125gr.SJHP 357MAG

I have seen several BIG DEER in IN. drop with 1 shot of a 22lr?

I have seen A Young Man in his 20`s shot with a Davis 380 with Ball ammo Drop and die!

I have shot a 250 pound Farm pig with a 22lr drop on the spot dead!

If you think a certian bullet is going to do Magic go ahead!

Its Shot Placement 99 percent of the time!

You dont want too much penatration !

I want it to Dump all of its energy in the body !

Why risk killing a Family member with OVER PENETRATION?

Remember the FBI made a 10mm

Then loaded lite

Then made a 40sw

When they could use a 45acp

the FBI 12inch I will buy IF I was in LEO/DEA etc! But for a Civi no way aint going to be shooting Glass/Doors etc
Link Posted: 3/7/2006 10:37:27 AM EST
[Last Edit: 3/9/2006 3:32:25 AM EST by FMJ]
BTW dont buy a AR15 then with the small bullet.

Better get a AK47 or M14/AR10

MY BAD AK47 has a 122gr FMJ etc
Link Posted: 3/7/2006 3:23:01 PM EST
Are you that lame that you have to fall back on an age descrepancy?

Have you read Duncan MacPherson's book? How about Urey Patrick? You are still stuck on previously debunked myths started by Marshall and Sanow. Bet you are also a Massad Ayoob fan too.

On the contrary, you do want penetration, lots of it. "Lack of penetration gets good guys killed", who said, I dunno, but its a fact. Not to mention, that a nice midweight to heavy weight bullets, that are properly constructed , wont go tearing through people. Over penetration is over blown.

Reason why people think .357mag is so good, is because the round was in a revolver(limited ammo capacity stresses accuracy, and it was in a revolver, and for most, it screems power), and it was loud, and fast. In real testing, it crushed the same , amount of tissue, but doesnt penetrate all that deep. Its dumping everything so fast, that its stopping before it gets to the good stuff. The reason so many people died from it was also medical care, up until just a few years ago, it would be 30 minutes+ to get to a hospital.

Also, where in my posts did I say shot placement has nothing to do with shootings? I cant find it, and neither can you.

Where dd I say I believe in magic bullets? Your so damned stubborn, you probably didnt even click on the link. Those are real scientists findings, but you decided it was what you want to see, because it contradicts alot of your beliefs. See no evil, huh?
Link Posted: 3/7/2006 3:25:45 PM EST
Did I say you said anything?
Link Posted: 3/7/2006 3:32:44 PM EST
[Last Edit: 3/7/2006 3:36:08 PM EST by FMJ]

And lots of hunting and killing COWS pigs Deer etc!

like I say 125 JHP 357 mag is a GREAT ROUND for self defense

If you can handle it! After lots of practice I still find it hard!

I feel safe with just 158SWCHP +P 38spl in my Snubby anyway!

125gr to small FUNNY


125SJHP center of mass will do it job! but so will a 38spl 158SWCHP
Link Posted: 3/7/2006 4:57:13 PM EST
[Last Edit: 3/7/2006 4:59:58 PM EST by FAIL-SAFE]
What 125gr JHP? Most will just clog up with material and act like an FMJ, thats when over penetration becomes a factor. Most .357mag loads have a problems with dumping everything too early. IWhen they do this, they are not getting deep enough to sever organd, blood vessels, and the central nervous system. None of this matters to you because".357mag has great shock, and, and ,and its powerful!".

BTW, in the 5 years, I've fired roughly 25000 rounds of full power .357mag, so I know I can handle it.

For me, n .357mag, its either 145gr STHP or 180gr PGHP.

.357mag is not the lightnnhg bolt whiz band cartridg you think it is. Its just a hot 9mm. Funny, there are plenty of 9mm loadings that will hand .357mag its ass on a daily basis.

Here's what happens to .38special loads when they encounter bare and clothed ballistic gelatin. You probably dont put much faith in these tests though

Link Posted: 3/7/2006 11:42:24 PM EST
I generally take the middle ground. I load 165 gold dots in my duty weapon.
Link Posted: 3/8/2006 11:11:04 PM EST
It’s like this:

The FBI carries the 180 grain .40 S&W (unless things have changed recently).

Homeland Security carries the 155 grain .40 S&W.

Secret Service and Federal Air Marshals carry the 125 grain .357 Sig.

If these guys can’t agree what’s the best round, you certainly aren’t going to find it on the Internet!!

IIRC, the only commercial 135 grain .40 S&W load is a Federal Personal Defense round, which is pretty dismal (though I’m thinking Cor-bon might have a much hotter load).

Incidentally, your 135 grain .40 S&W round at 1300 fps is virtually identical to the .357 Sig 125 grain at 1350 fps. Given the .357 Sigs reputation for accuracy, that’s probably the way I’d go if I wanted a light round.
Link Posted: 3/9/2006 3:30:16 AM EST
+1 199

I began talking about the 135JHP in 40sw!

If the WIN 9mm127JHP+P+ made it so would the135JHP in 40S&W!!

WE are not made of JELLO!

I will stick with PROVEN HISTORY

and my Hunting and Slaughtering past!

SLOW heavy vs Light and Fast both are good

Ive carried SW 19 357mag w/ 125sjhp and a 45acp Colt combat Elite with 200JHP FLYING ASHTRAY

From S&W A.W. 38spl. from P229 40sw /6906 9mm

I feel well protected with all the above!

I stand by 135JHP is enough weight for a 40sw!! if it aint I feel Bad for WIN`S 127+P+for the 9mm wich I would pich in a heart beat if I could get my hands on them

and 357mag /125sjhp is one POWERFULL LOAD ONLY FOR WELL SEASON PRO`S


YOU may have the last word Now Im done
Link Posted: 3/9/2006 7:33:57 AM EST
135gr is too loight for the lcaliber

.357sig was designed around the 125gr bullet

9mm was designed around a 124gr bullet.

Under your theory, if we pack .45s, they should all be 165gr loads.

I knew you pull that lame, desperate excuse when it comes to gel testing. Funny how the feds, and numerous other local and state LEAs, as well as the international wounds scientists trust it. Its also funny how the gel tests have been proven time and time again to mirrior what occures in the body. Wonder why that is.

I think DHS is changing their .40S&W round choice. Lately there's been a bunch of their 155gr ammo hiting the market. I think they are either changing weights, changing bullets, or both.
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