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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 3/28/2002 3:02:22 AM EST
I also owned a 1006. I wanted to try out 10mm, and the Glocks weren't out yet in 10mil. Mine had the adjustable sights. It was big and heavy but 10mm was a fascinating cartridge. It shot well, and recoil was not bad at all. Ammo was expensive back then, and there wasn't much to choose from. In the end, I figured I'd sell it because I didn't like the absolutely huge adjustable rear sight "wings". My intention was to buy a more combat oriented version later and set-up to reload it. I think it would be a very interseting catridge to reload. I never got around to getting a 1066 or whatever I was going to get, and their price is just too much to justify. I think if I run across a good deal on a fixed sight 1006, or a 1066/76 I might jump on one. It would be strictly a fun gun (but then, aren't they all!)

Link Posted: 4/2/2002 5:40:32 AM EST
About all the guys who work at my gun shop carry 10 mm. It seems to be the caliber of choice. I once was in St. Louis at a rental range and asked the owner, "How do you like your 1006?" He insisted on shaking my hand and thanking me for correctly identifying the 10mm version, since everyone else apparently always assumed it was a 5906.
Link Posted: 4/5/2002 12:34:30 PM EST
From what I see ...as far as cruising different websites......the 1006 is respected and brings a good price nowdays........maybe short&weak should do a little more thinking.......
Link Posted: 4/6/2002 7:48:50 PM EST
Yeah, they are priced high, but the resale is actually quite hard to get. The market for a 10mm is very small, unfortunately. Once you buy one, you're pretty much stuck with it. By that I mean there won't be thousands of people beating down the door to buy it from you. If you resell it, you need to price it resonably low and have plenty of patience.

The Smith and Wesson is a good gun, mainly because it's big and beefy enough to handle it. Of the 10mm's, probably the Glock is the best. I may look at one of those, but I personally don't like Glock's too much.

I looked into the Witness, but there were too many complaints about them not lasting very long in 10mm. Alot of people that are just more interested in the cartridge than what gun it comes in are buying the SW 610. The wheel gun has the advantages of using .40SW and since you pretty much have to reload, or go broke with 10mm, the revolver lends itself to this quite well. I'll have to admit, I've come very close to buying one myself.

Still, I had no complaints about the 1006, and will probably own one again if I run across one at a good price.

Link Posted: 4/7/2002 6:12:01 AM EST
See quite a few glocks in stores....(hate to say I`m not all that high on glock either...it usually starts a pissin` match)....but it would be great to shoot one...like to see how it compares to my delta...which is great...for me anyway.....still not sure why the 10 wheelgun...but as it goes,I guess...why not....the 10 IS an amazing round...for sure....
Link Posted: 4/7/2002 1:57:32 PM EST
In a wheelgun the .41 Magnum will do anything that the 10mm will do and more while not requiring the use of full moon clips. I could see chambering it in a revolver if they could squeeze 7 or 8 rounds into a cylinder otherwise IMHO it makes more sense to choose a .41 Mag. In the auto realm - the 10mm as it is intended to be loaded (hot) is an awesome round - beats the pants off the 9mm, .357 Sig, .40 S&W and (sigh) even my beloved .45 Acp. Just my $.02 worth. btw - I am still kicking myself for not grabbing a Delta Elite that I had the opportunity to buy for a song a couple of years ago.
Link Posted: 4/7/2002 9:51:05 PM EST
Yeah, I look at the .41mag and the 10mm as the same class of cartridges. I personally like the .41, and would take that over the 10mm in the revolver. The only advantages the revolver has is the full moon clips are VERY fast to reload, and you can shoot .40SW out of it. If you already shoot .40, that can be a good thing.

The 10mm pretty much lost the law enforcement market when the FBI bought it, then downloaded it into "FBI-lite" to reduce recoil. Since the FBI-lite load didn't do anything the .40SW could, and teh .40 could be had in higher capacity and smaller frame size, the 10mm lost out in the police market.

Still Sonny Crocket carried a Bren Ten!

Link Posted: 4/8/2002 2:33:04 PM EST
[Last Edit: 4/8/2002 2:34:44 PM EST by BlackandGreen]
And today...sonny crockett uses a compensated 45..........well....we don`t live on tv,but it is nice to see SOMEONE in the tv world pays attention........did anyone happen to see the V I P episode...where the dude used a saw?.....what the hell??????.........obviously...we don`t have the resources that HO**WOOD does......
Link Posted: 4/9/2002 5:25:24 AM EST
Don Johnson is a pro-gun actor and shoots pistol competition once in a while. It translates in his weapons and just the way he handles them within the free license of Hollywood.

All this talk of 10mm is getting me fired up about looking around for one. I need to quit hanging around here or I'll wind up buying more guns...eghad!

Link Posted: 4/9/2002 12:52:37 PM EST
It`s that little...reoccuring voice in your head......."buy more guns..buy more guns...."......used to hit me about every three months.......down to every three weeks now...........
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