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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/20/2002 6:08:40 AM EST
the funniest movies you've ever seen. -austin powers 3 -search for the holy grail -jay and silent bob strike back i can't think of any more...
Link Posted: 9/20/2002 6:24:34 AM EST
Animal House American Pie A Christmas Story Christmas Vacation Goodfellas
Link Posted: 9/20/2002 6:26:17 AM EST
Easy: - Real Genius - UHF - Caddyshack - Monty Python and the Holy Grail - Airplane
Link Posted: 9/20/2002 6:27:04 AM EST
Animal House Stripes Airplane Naked Gun Blues Brothers
Link Posted: 9/20/2002 6:28:45 AM EST
Porky's American Pie Christmas Vacation Something About Mary Me, Myself and Irene ..in no specific order
Link Posted: 9/20/2002 6:30:53 AM EST
- Fargo "Heavens to Pete! He's fleeing the interview there!" - Dr. Strangelove: Or How I Learned to Love the Bomb "One moment please!" - The Life of Brian "What shall do Lord?" "F-Off!" "How shall we F-Off Lord?" - Beer "Make room for big daddy boys!" - Animal House "We didn't give up after the Germans attacked Pearl Harbor..."
Link Posted: 9/20/2002 6:42:08 AM EST
hey offroad! long time! in no particular order: Stripes Office Space American Pie (1 & 2) The Party (and for that matter, any Blake Edwards/Peter Sellers combo)
Link Posted: 9/20/2002 6:46:48 AM EST
UHF Austin Powers 1, 2 and 3 Can't think of anything else.
Link Posted: 9/20/2002 6:47:50 AM EST
Ferris Bueller's Day Off Caddyshack Animal House Trading Places Tommy Boy Police Academy i know its 6 but its hard to narrow them down to 5
Link Posted: 9/20/2002 6:52:32 AM EST
Link Posted: 9/20/2002 7:28:03 AM EST
[Last Edit: 9/20/2002 7:37:45 AM EST by marvl]
Originally Posted By OffRoad: the funniest movies you've ever seen. -austin powers 3 -search for the holy grail -jay and silent bob strike back i can't think of any more...
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OffRoad, you have no taste. [:D] How about these? Dr. Strangelove Blazing Saddles MASH (the movie) Saving Grace Young Frankenstein Inspector Cluseau (sp?) movies
Link Posted: 9/20/2002 7:38:21 AM EST
not another teen movie nat. lampoon's christmas vacation
Link Posted: 9/20/2002 7:43:05 AM EST
Originally Posted By fatty: hey offroad! long time! in no particular order: Stripes Office Space American Pie (1 & 2) The Party (and for that matter, any Blake Edwards/Peter Sellers combo)
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I found Office Space to be a philosophical study of modern existence and the meaning of life more than a mere comedy. Now "Goodfellas" was funny as hell.
Link Posted: 9/20/2002 7:55:49 AM EST
In no particular order: Office Space Death to Smoochey Big Daddy Search for the holy grail King Pin Keving67
Link Posted: 9/20/2002 7:59:17 AM EST
Monsters, Inc. Death to Smoochy! Spaceballs. Pythons Holy Grail. Nat Lampoons Christmas Vacation. (Kitty Electric BBQ)
Link Posted: 9/20/2002 8:08:42 AM EST
Blazing Saddles Young Frankenstein South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut Airplane Caddyshack
Link Posted: 9/20/2002 8:12:19 AM EST
#1 Animal HOuse #2 American Pie 2 #3 Buellers day off #4 Next Friday #5 Silence of the Lambs and sequel
Link Posted: 9/20/2002 8:12:23 AM EST
Spaceballs -- "I knew it, I'm surrounded by assholes" Monty Python & the Quest for the Holy Grail -- "What is the airspeed of an unladen swallow? An African swallow or a European swallow?" The Princess Bride -- "Why are you smiling? Because I know something that you do not. And what would that be? I'm not left handed either." Hackers -- "Pool on the roof musta sprung a leak." Sneakers -- "I'm driving! I'm driving!" -FOTBR
Link Posted: 9/20/2002 8:15:34 AM EST
Airplane Something about Mary, South Park, Nake Gun 3 1/2 Orgasmo
Link Posted: 9/20/2002 8:18:05 AM EST
In no part order. - Dogma - Clerks - Monty Python's Holy Grail - Animal House - Office Space -934
Link Posted: 9/20/2002 8:18:12 AM EST
Shakes the Clown Office Space Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back Blazing Saddles Gross Point Blank
Link Posted: 9/20/2002 8:38:31 AM EST
[Last Edit: 9/20/2002 8:39:06 AM EST by fatty]
Originally Posted By SteyrAUG: I found Office Space to be a philosophical study of modern existence and the meaning of life more than a mere comedy.
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too true, too true. i would also like to add Clerks to the "more than a mere comedy" catagory.
Link Posted: 9/20/2002 8:50:25 AM EST
Dont forget this poor movie.. Killer Clowns from outer space
Link Posted: 9/20/2002 9:10:22 AM EST
Love and a .45 Clerks Blazing Saddles Me, Myself and Irene Animal House
Link Posted: 9/20/2002 9:14:40 AM EST
Any of the Vacation movies Dumb and Dumber BaseKetBall Office Space Tommy Boy Happy Gilmore
Link Posted: 9/20/2002 9:19:47 AM EST
In no particular order: - Office Space - Animal House - Caddy Shack - Slap Shot - Top Secret
Link Posted: 9/20/2002 9:30:31 AM EST
1. Strange Brew 2. Spaceballs 3. Airplane 4. Life of Brian 5. South Park
Link Posted: 9/20/2002 9:49:24 AM EST
Strange Brew Blazing Saddles. "Excuse me while I whip this out" MontyPython, Search for the Holy Grail Clerks (or any movie by Kevin Smith) Scary Movie Strange Brew!
Link Posted: 9/20/2002 9:54:46 AM EST
Ferris Bueller's Day Off Better Off Dead Top Secret O'Brother Where Art Thou Search for the Holy Grail
Link Posted: 9/20/2002 10:02:13 AM EST
Caddyshack Animal House Get Shorty Super Troopers Big Lebowski
Link Posted: 9/20/2002 11:16:17 AM EST
[Last Edit: 9/20/2002 11:18:02 AM EST by raven]
Monty Python Grail The Big Lebowski Dr. Strangelove Caddyshack Airplane! Schindler's List
Link Posted: 9/20/2002 11:25:03 AM EST
Airplane Holy Grail Top Secret Starship Troopers DrMark
Link Posted: 9/20/2002 11:36:18 AM EST
[b]THE WINNERS:[/b] * Blazing Saddles * Monty Python and the Holy Grail * Airplane * Caddyshack * Dr. Strangelove Or How I Stopped Worrying And Learned To Love The Bomb [b]HONORABLE MENTIONS:[/b] * Pink Panther (any of the first four) * Monty Python's The Meaning Of Life * Weekend At Bernie's * Young Frankenstein * Raising Arizona [b]ALSO RANS:[/b] * Stripes * Animal House * Fast Times At Ridgemont High * Spinal Tap * Monty Python Live At The Hollywood Bowl
Link Posted: 9/20/2002 11:42:15 AM EST
[Last Edit: 9/20/2002 11:44:42 AM EST by magnum_99]
Fletch Animal House Christmas Vacation Back to School Platoon Monty's Holy Grail (Kidding about Platoon)
Link Posted: 9/20/2002 11:57:14 AM EST
I forgot the about the Fletch movies
Link Posted: 9/20/2002 12:12:38 PM EST
Revenge of the nerds. The other 4 have already been mentioned.
Link Posted: 9/20/2002 4:24:51 PM EST
Nobody else likes Shakes the Clown?
Link Posted: 9/20/2002 4:57:42 PM EST
-Monty Python's Search for the Holy Grail -Python's Life of Brian -Python's The Meaning of life -Kingpin -The Pink Panther Returns there.
Link Posted: 9/20/2002 8:42:10 PM EST
No particular order: Airplaine! Bachelor Party American Pie Don't Be A Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juce In The Hood Strange Brew Honorable Mentions: Airplaine 2 Friday/Next Friday Happy Gillmore Scary Movie Pink Panther movies w/Peter Sellers Monty Python Movies Austin Powers 2 Dr. Strangelove Blazing Saddles
Link Posted: 9/20/2002 10:18:34 PM EST
Originally Posted By JIMBEAM: Nobody else likes Shakes the Clown?
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LMFAO, one of the greatest opening scenes on film. A true classic. OK, in NPO: The Jerk or The Man with Two Brains, can't decide. Better Off Dead Spinal Tap Holy Grail Dr. Strangelove Lots of great other ones, but those are the ones I'll watch anytime anyplace. Airplane series, Naked Gun series, Hot Shots, Top Secret are all great, but basically the same movie. The early Mel Brooks The early Woody Allen, when he was funny. Kingpin Billy Madison, Sandler's only funny one. Tommy Boy Cabin Boy, I know, but I still think he's funny. Pee Wee's Big Adventure. My friends moved I was laughing so much in the theater at this one.
Link Posted: 9/20/2002 10:22:05 PM EST
Top 5 comedies: Dumb and Dumber: All time stupidist movie, but funny as hell! Home Alone 1&2, The kid really messes the guys up Strange Brew Meet the Parents Austin Powers-The Spy who Shagged ME Honorable mentions: Animal House Porkys Stripes Waynes World Smokey and the Bandit Cant remember the names of the movies but they had Clint Eastwood in them and his Character was a street fighter that fought in different cities one of the movies had him fighting in Teton Village in Wyoming, he alwasy had the Aranggatang with him, and it always had the motorcycle gang guys in it that were always after him! Farriss Bullers Day Off
Link Posted: 9/21/2002 12:13:23 AM EST
I have always Liked, Spys Like Us
Link Posted: 9/21/2002 5:30:44 AM EST
In no specific order: 1. Baseketball 2. Orgazmo 3. Happy Gilmore 4. Office Space 5. American Pie
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