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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 6/18/2001 6:46:28 PM EST
A few years back (when i was 16) I shot a cap gun out the window of my ex girlfriend's car and like 30 seconds later lights were flashing behind me. Well he gets on the loud speaker and starts screaming for me to put my hands up, so we do. Well then he sneaks up along side my door and pulls his gun and screams for me to throw the shotgun out the window. Well I reached down to get the bright orange cap gun, but before I could he dove in the window and took the capgun out and threw it on the ground. Now the officer was mad, very mad. He didn't realize it was a capgun till it hit the ground and broke. Next thing I know he continues the arrest. 16 (no exaggeration) more LEOs show up and they are getting out the books looking for laws that I broke. Well the finally decide that What I have done is reckless endangerment, intent to commit terroristic acts, and taking a hostage. The hostage was my ex girlfriend they said. I don't know the exact terms for these, but that's basically what they said I did. eventually they decided to drop the charges. I guess I am lucky he didn't shoot me, but let me tell the rest of the story. I live in a town of 3000 people, it was a sunday afternoon, my getaway speed was 20 mph (I think if I had tried to kill a cop I would have left a little faster), he was inside a gas station when he said I tried to shoot him and the building, and the best part is that we were at the end of the "crusing strip" and when he pulled us over we were on our way to going back down the street. He said that it sounded like a sawed off shotgun. hmmm... oh well
Link Posted: 6/18/2001 6:54:42 PM EST
I said "ass".
Link Posted: 6/18/2001 7:03:34 PM EST
Link Posted: 6/18/2001 7:05:51 PM EST
Hard to believe you can get cited for destroying YOUR OWN property. I've heard about that junk before, lame to the extreme.
Link Posted: 6/18/2001 7:07:44 PM EST
My friend and I were suppose to meet these young ladies at Oktoberfest in Huntington Beach. After we parked we were walking to the event when this lady surrounded by cops pointed to us and said "that's them!". We were both arrested for robbing this prostitute! We spent the weekend in HB city jail, didn't get drunk, didn't get laid, and ate beef pot pies with toast and tang for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The following monday the detective came and set us free and said "have a nice day". Oh, and on the ceiling (20 ft. high) of my cell it said "Charley Manson was here".
Link Posted: 6/18/2001 7:11:07 PM EST
OK, so I didn't get arrested, but..... One night in the 70's my best friend & I met at a favorite bar to do some serious drinking. He got pretty wasted and I was working on it myself, when we decided it was geting late and time to get back to his wife. Since I'd have to drive another 20 miles to my place, we decided I'd just crash on their couch. As I was following him down a 6-lane street at about 35 mph, I noticed the highway patrol behind me, and in front of me, my buddy weaving all over. We were a few block from our turn, so I started weaving worse than he was, to attract their attention. They pulled up behind me and I made a quick turn toward my friend's house. Naturally, they turned too, and lit me up. Meanwhile, Ernie continued on home, weaving all the way, while I did the old finger counting, down the line heel-to-toe, close your eyes arms out and lean back test. With just a couple under my belt, admittedly, I passed easily and told them how I was just two blocks from Fred's house where I would be spending the night. They swaved me on my way. When I showed up, Fred hadn't seen a thing but wondered what took me so long. [red][size=4] P.R.K.
Link Posted: 6/18/2001 7:12:53 PM EST
[Last Edit: 6/18/2001 7:11:53 PM EST by cyrax777]
Huntington beach police are noterus for over reacting i used to live down there and i rmeber over the 4th of july there were arresting people for drinking in there own front yards!
Link Posted: 6/18/2001 7:14:34 PM EST
Link Posted: 6/18/2001 7:24:10 PM EST
Originally Posted By uglygun: Hard to believe you can get cited for destroying YOUR OWN property. I've heard about that junk before, lame to the extreme.
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Not to mention it's in the shrink's manual. Stupid. If it's solely yours, who cares - you'll learn your lesson while you pick up the pieces. [red][size=4] P.R.K.
Link Posted: 6/18/2001 7:32:00 PM EST
Well I wasn't really arrested but it was only because I was too drunk. I was in college and I pisssed in a dorm parking lot and suddenly feeling frisky I tried to karate kick a trash can but I jumped right over it and busted my ass. Lady cop just asked me some personal questions and that was all........ [:)]
Link Posted: 6/18/2001 10:39:09 PM EST
PRK- you rule dude! i need you watching my a$$! [:)] ok- here's my story.... only time i EVER got in trouble with the law. i was 18, in high school, and driving home from a date, on the back roads, with a horrible case of blue balls; when i saw headlights in my rear view, racing up on me. thinking it might be some adversaries from school, i sped up. bad choice. it was one of our local rich town/hick town coppers. officer smith. (this guy had pulled my dad over, on the way to church, maybe a couple of years before this, with the whole family in the car- you know the type. my dad had read the signature on the ticket, and pronounced him "officer smurd". officer smurd was not impressed.) he hit the rollers and pulled me over. now i need to pause and describe what i looked like: bushy red mowhawk, black braid to the middle of my back with a little silver skull on the end, 4 dangly earrings in the left ear, army "ike" jacket- complete with badges, t-shirt with the sleves cut-off, belt of blank 7.62 cartriges around my waist, camo bdu trousers, and black rebock hi-tops. it was after all 1985, i was the only punk rocker in my class of about 90 students. now you know why i thought someone would be following me. my vehicle was even more colorful. it was a '76 ford pinto, running on 3 cylinders, that had started out silver, but had washed down to primer red in places. i had decided to "improve" this vehicle with some paint- every color i could find in a spray can at the hardware store. it looked like a pollock painting. to top it off, i wrote "porche" across the back in blue. lest you think i was reckless, i had first checked with a cop in our town, that i knew, and he said it would be ok as long as i didn't use any obscenities. i was a good kid, just....creative! so, officer smurd and deputy barney fife are walking up either side of my car, i start to get my wallet, and i look over the passenger side at barney fife, when he snaches his gun out of his holster and screams "put your hands on the steering wheel!". officer smurd flings my door open and shouts "get out of the car!" i'm trying to figure out how to get out of the car while keeping my hands locked on the steering wheel, when officer smurd "helps" me out. they get me spread eagled on the back of the pinto and are patting me down, and i look up to see what the trouble is. barney has my m16 bayonet. i had been showing it off and had left it on the passenger seat. i had been told that as long as it was in plain sight, it was legal. so i made sure it was. oops. i must have given them a fright, all 113 lbs of me. officer smurd asked me if they would find anything else in the car, and i, not understanding what he meant(i didn't know what drugs were, and i wasn't drinking often yet) said sheepishly "yeah, there's a model gun in the glove compartment." i had allways been gun crazy and was into those japanese replica cap guns and model kits. i was particularly proud of this one and had, no doubt been boring my friends about it. i don't remember why it was in there. they called it in. left me standing out there in their headlights, for maybe 40 min. freezing my ass off, with my balls aching (the pat down was ...no fun), while every cop in the tri-county area drove by to see if they needed help with the terrorist. then they sent me home. continued
Link Posted: 6/18/2001 10:55:46 PM EST
Damn pbr. You WERE punk rock. I'm sure it took a lot of guts to be in small town America in the early/mid 80's.
Link Posted: 6/18/2001 11:06:35 PM EST
continued my panicked mother wakes me up early the nwxt morning, and tells me officer smurd is on the phone. he says i need to come on down to the station to "wrap up". i figure they have had time to find out who i am, see that i have a clean record, give me a talk, and give my stuff back. when i get there, officer smurd reads me my rights. he has talked it over with his prosecutor, and they are charging me with posessing concealed weapon-s. this is my introduction to the legal system, f-ed up procedures on a bogus charge. a cap gun and a legal bayonet. i hadn't threatened anyone, i just looked weird. then he wanted to talk "off the record". i'd seen enough tv and refused to talk to him. they threatened to put me in a cell. i didn't budge. they called my mother who is, by now, near hysterical. she comes to pick me up. i tell her what happened. we get a lawyer. my court date comes. the judge wants to talk to me. i tell him my story. he asks if its true that i'm a history buff. it is. he asks if i would like to go into the army- he served in the army. i say "sure, i like weapons". he says "you'll have to take out your earrings". i say "ok". charges dismissed. i never did end up in the armed forces, and i still wear the earrings- small ones now. the best part is- i missed some school, due to a cold i got that night. the rumor was- i was in jail for shooting a cop. i even got interviewed for the school paper about it. boy were they dissapointed when i told them the truth. i learned lots of lessons from that experience.
Link Posted: 6/18/2001 11:27:12 PM EST
Originally Posted By uglygun: Hard to believe you can get cited for destroying YOUR OWN property.
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Not really. It's a necessary law becuase of domestic disputes. When all the property is in one persons name. Such as a husband smashing his wifes commuter car. Even though the car is in his name, what he has done is taken away her ability to leave him and intimidated her with his display of violence. But he will say all he did was smashed his own property.
Link Posted: 6/18/2001 11:28:51 PM EST
[Last Edit: 6/18/2001 11:38:06 PM EST by pbrstreetgang]
Originally Posted By raven: Damn pbr. You WERE punk rock. I'm sure it took a lot of guts to be in small town America in the early/mid 80's.
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i just didn't know any better. i was comfortable with it, so why shouldn't everyone else be? it was fun. whenever someone took the time to talk to me i sounded like a little english proffessor. i suppose some folks thought it was cute. half the fun of being pr is annoying people, though. like i said, i was alone, so i didn't know about drugs- thank god. btw- officer smurd is now chief of that town, and some guys i went to school with are on his force. i'm going to bed. oh, i forgot to mention, marilyn manson went to high school with my soon to be x-wife. his name is brian warner. small world.
Link Posted: 6/18/2001 11:29:55 PM EST
Originally Posted By cyrax777: Huntington beach police are noterus for over reacting i used to live down there and i rmeber over the 4th of july there were arresting people for drinking in there own front yards!
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That was a slight over reaction to several years of Forth of July riots. If your yard was fenced or had any other type of barrior making it clear it was private property then there were no arrest.
Link Posted: 6/18/2001 11:43:18 PM EST
Many, many years ago I had a very heavy drinking problem. So...about four years ago (after I stopped drinking) I was driving home late one night and saw two cop cars at my apartment complex. I went over to ask what was going on, the cop told me it was a domestic disturbance call. Then he asked me if I knew my license plate light was out. I said no and then he asked to see my drivers license and asked me if I had any warrents. Absolutely not I replied. Little did I know that my license had been suspended for the last two years because I never completed a 4 day work progect deal stemming from a ticket I got 2 1/2 years earlier!!![>Q] Neadless to say, he told me as a result of that I had a "No-Bail" warrent out for my arrest and that I would have to go downtown to jail!![>Q] Due to the heavy drinking I did at that time of my life I had absolutely no recollection of wheater I completed the work progect program or not...so what could I do? So I viewed it as a chance to take care of past mistakes and didn't give the cop any trouble what so ever. Later that night he told me I was the nicest guy he ever arrested![8D] Not like I had a choice!! So I spent 4 days in jail over a speeding ticket basically...and no, I never ever want to go back!!! sgtar15
Link Posted: 6/19/2001 12:35:44 AM EST
I have never been arrested for violating any constitutional laws.
Link Posted: 6/19/2001 1:14:08 AM EST
I forgot to remove the twenty rounds of 7.62 out of my heavy winter coat when I visited the U.S. Capitol building. I was promptly arrested at the metal detector, and got to see some cool tunnels under D.C. where they brought me for interrogation. Neato!
Link Posted: 6/19/2001 1:54:48 AM EST
I think I have the best one: I was 20, and had been married (for the first time) about 4 months. Went to Myrtle Beach, S.C. for several days, my bride and I. As we were driving out of town my bride was, shall we say showing me her gratitude, in an oral fashion, and I got to weaving all over the road...Honest officer.... I heard the sound of tires skidding on the pavement as I ran a State Trooper off the road, then came the siren and blue lights. He had been beside me trying to see what was going on. Boy was he pissed!!! When he was told what was up ;-)), he actually calmed down and wrote me a ticket for changing lanes improperly, and demanded a $15 cash bond. Well, if I had $15 I would have stayed another night at the Beach. (this was 1971) My butt went to jail for 3 or 4 hours until my brother that lived close by could come an bail me out. My mother-in-law and her family were vacationing there also. When she heard about the incident never liked me at all after that. Not for 17 damn more years. I was a really blue [blue]Blue207[/blue] at that point.
Link Posted: 6/19/2001 5:07:52 AM EST
I was arrested by the MPs at MCAS El Toro Calif. for having a drunken argument with some Staff NCO's. I spent the night in the brig and they threatened to give me office hours(Article 15). The whole thing was dropped because I was getting out in less than a month. The wierdest thing I've ever arrested anyone for was a husband and wife who were having a domestic dispute(astory in itself). They both had warrants for fishing without licenses.
Link Posted: 6/19/2001 5:13:26 AM EST
One speeding ticket a dozen years ago, never been arrested. I guess I live a pretty boring life (or, I haven't been caught yet). [;)]
Link Posted: 6/19/2001 5:22:59 AM EST
Beat this....... My best friend who was going through a divorce was pulled over on a traffic stop and when they ran his info they found a warrant had been issued for his arrest. Thats all they could tell him. This being a holiday weekend, and his collar happening on Friday evening, his court date was on Tuesday. 3 Days in the cage. When he is finally facing the judge, he found out the HORRIBLE crime he had been arrested for. A year prior, when him and his wife were ready to split, he had rented a movie at BLOCKBUSTER... She was supposed to return it for him and never did!!! He had soon after changed address' and I guess they thought he was skating with their precious tape!!!! The judge told him he had suffered enough and let him go. BLOCKBUSTER!!!! Watch out for the BLOCKBUSTER POLICE, for you know not where they roam!!! Nuckles.
Link Posted: 6/19/2001 5:36:01 AM EST
I was once being (legitimately) hassled by the police for public urination, but ended up going to jail on a warrant for failure to appear in court for a hearing concerning a felony charge in another city. (The cops forgot about the urination and hauled me downtown to jail.) I was released on OR the next morning, but it took six anxiety-filled weeks to figure out what was really going on. Many years earlier while I was bodysurfing someone broke into my truck and stole my pants, which contained my wallet - Driver's licence, Social Security card, a Visa card, some cash, etc. Someone used that stuff to assume my identity in the Fresno area, then went on a fraud spree as me. He opened credit accounts in my name, ran up big balances, and never paid the bill. It was enough to constitute grand theft as well as bank fraud. Everybody was real mad at me. It took about $1,500 in attorney's fees to get to the bottom of the matter, then get my "criminal record" and the credit reports straightened out. Being an alleged felon was no fun!
Link Posted: 6/19/2001 5:48:36 AM EST
Link Posted: 6/19/2001 6:05:11 AM EST
In 1954 at the ripe old age of 6, my dad bought me my first, and only red rider bb gun. In South Carolina in those days a mans property was his property. We had a grove of pear trees behind our house that neighbor kids kept taking my pears off of. Well dressed in my cowboy outfit, I hid under some leaves next to a large bush. Well the pole cats came back, and just as they were taking down some juicy pears, I let loose. I hit this one girl at least two times. They took off running. About an hour later this patrol car pulls up in front of my house, and this big and I mean big old southern cop gets out. Well it was the surly the slammer for me, I went out to his back seat and cried like a baby, also so scared that I about shit. He turned me over to my parents, and that was the end of my Red Ryder home protection days.
Link Posted: 6/19/2001 8:27:02 AM EST
Allegedly attempt obstruct justice. Alleged charges dropped & expunged. The prosecutor couldn't provide my lawyer any legal grounds supporting the laying of that charge at all. Here's the story: An officer of the law came to seize my FAL because the gov't address information in the gun registry didn't match my actual address. Whilst carrying my seized FAL on the way to the cruiser he shared with me his wisdom that "only police should have guns." Since I was already under arrest, I regaled him for the entire drive back to the police station with examples of other people that even the most rabid antigunners generally concede should have guns. Eg: "What about the military?" ... "What about security guards?" ... "What about subsistence hunters?" ... "What about museums?" ... "What about prop handlers for theatrical productions?" etc. I even hit him with the broadside: a quote from our antigun federal minister of justice who stated that the only people who should own firearms in this country were "police AND....[etc]." Looking more and more furious, the antigun cop slowly turned beet red as his partner repeatedly warned him to calm down. It was a long drive to the police station... once we got there, he was pulled aside and replaced by another cop for the interrogation. Which, incidentally, involved me repeatedly giving my name, address (after some coaxing) and repeatedly saying "I want a lawyer," coupled with the officers threatening to strip search me... BTW, unbeknownst to that officer, a Dept of Justice report had concluded two years previously that the error rate in the registry was at least one in every three entries. [:)]
Link Posted: 6/19/2001 8:36:25 AM EST
Originally Posted By Imbrog|io: I have never been arrested for violating any constitutional laws.
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How about perceived "unconstitutional" laws??
Link Posted: 6/19/2001 10:00:11 AM EST
"carrying a dangerous weapon, a firearm. Suspect had in the pocket of his CAMOFLAUGE pants an ASP baton." The judge says, "what was it son, a gun or a stick?" It was a stick , your honor." " why does it say you were carrying a gun?" he asks. " You'll have to ask the highly competent detectives, sir." Case dismissed. The best part was that it made the paper, as I had survival equipment, police scanner, walkie-talkies, camo netting, and Anti-Government Propoganda. I was branded a militia freak. The A-G propaganda turned out to be a stuffed bill of rights that came out of a crane game, neat!
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