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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 8/31/2001 3:05:41 PM EST
when the news of the shooting came out at my school we heard a whole lottra different things, yes we heard that a atf agent was shot, yes we heard that he was imprsonaitong a marshall, and yes we heard he was armed. when i went out to lunch and went to go to del taco, i was met by a sherrifs car just outside. i asked him what he knew and he said he dint know much but that he heard that the motor cop had been killed. while it wasent much i decided to ask him about the fire on the hiil, he said that it had broken out a while ago, about a little over an hour after the initiall call went out. you could see the fire for miles! i could see the smoke form my class. stevensons ranch is a very upscale nieghborhood, very pricy homes, and lots of winding roads, most of these people that live there are professionals that make alot of money, as you would expect i was there just yesterday droopin of a friend. so far all that i know is that the atf agent was unhurt, the deputy was kkilled, the man was a felon and that he sent his girl friend out to talk to the police, he also was yelling dont shoot my dog dont shoot my dog, well thats what i have heard anyhow. all that i can say is that i know alot of our sherrifs from around here, and i can vouch for them, they are very catious and very good people. I doubt that there was ANY wrong doing on thire part, the atf i dont know, but our department has handed lots of things in the past very wisely (like the high speed chase in our malls parking lot, and the jewlry store theft) but i cant vouch for the atf. if they screwed up i hope who ever was incharge gets the book thrown at him, cause he cost a deputy his life.
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