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Posted: 1/5/2003 8:40:22 PM EDT

Paintballers have stand off with Police in Coconut Creek.
For those you who don't know. I operate out of Broward County operating a licensed corporation selling Paintball Supplies and Law-Enforcement Gear to the general public and private industries.

Well today wasn't a good day for my customers who
play paintball inside the city of Coconut Creek.

Yesturday I was told by Officer Chris Colehorst to leave the property I had permission by the property owner to use to have kids and adults play on.

Officer Colehorst had a very bad attitude and wouldn't listen to any reasoning what so ever from us or the property owner...

Mind you my customers have been playing on this property for weeks since everyone was thrown off the old field up the street.

I called the property owner out on Saturday. He came and explained the situation to the officers. You think the officers would listen huh. NNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOO...

So today all the paintballers went back to the old field except I where the same single officer who confronted us yesturday told them to leave.

Well try telling 40 pissed off already people that. MIAMI RIOTS MEAN ANYTHING HERE.

SO guess what... They told the one same officer to go screw off.

Guess who shows up at 11:30 am this morning.... after they told officer Colehorst to screw off.

WOW Coconut Creek SWAT shows up to enforce paintballers............ WOW something is strange here fellas... In this country of ours.... You dangerous evil paintballers must die from MP5 SMG fire.

I couldn't believe the phone calls I just got over the cell phone / NEXTEL direct connect....

Christ oh mighty for paintball. WTF guys...

I have a meeting with the Mayor of Coconut Creek Mayor Jim Walden Monday afternoon at 2:00 to discuss this situation. I have letters from parents and kids discussing there grief over the police stand off's over paintball. This stuff is just getting stupid by the year.

Coconut Creek SWAT to round up paintballers, WTF is going on...

I wasn't out there today but these kids have been playing out there in the old field since 1997. Now their's a problem with police after 5 years of playing.

I made a deal with a land owner up the street from the old field to clean up his property in exchange for the kids to use it as there new field. We did that three weeks ago.

Yesturday the NAZI Authorities threw us off the new field causing more problems. Tomorrow I need to speak with the thrid reich mayor and get his approval to the use the property we have permission to use for a field the kids can play on.

Contact Info is here for anyone who cares.

Coconut Creek Police Dept. 954-973-6700

Officer Cherry Judd

Officer Chris Corehorst

Seargent Waymire (Delta Unit Northern District)...

Oh officer Coreherst had the balls to call me this morning on my business mobile number and asked me on his personal cell phone if I was in the old field. CAN YOU SAY POLICE ENTRAPMENT. I own his ass now...  

Thank god I have caller I.D.  I have officer Coreherst personal cell number. The @#%$ cop with an attitude.

I'm sure to file a complaint Monday with the Mayor's office with other parents about this officer who seems to enjoy his job to much with the general public.

I was told this officer has been on the force for 7 months only...... Hmmmmm he is still on his probationary period... What a shame... This officer was really a dick to the property owner to the parents and I out in the new field. No reason to have that attitude towards parents or kids. He will be written up no doubt.

Funny how his attitude changed when I told him my attorney's number and the Mayor's Office number. Power is nothing with-out control.

The cops have no clue what they are doing. Right now no laws exist to enforce because there aren't any. There are no ordinances or laws broken. Nor has anyone been hurt. Everyone cleans up there own trash and keeps the areas clean.

You would think that when a property owner gives you permission to use his property the way it was intended to be used for you can use it. NOT ACCORDING TO THE THIRD REICH POLICE. When does the police have jurisdiction over an individuals property and how he or she operates on it. WTF

You get thrown off the old field a vacant field lot granted the kids did not have permission to use. OK no problem...


I busted my ass on this land owners property cleaning it up for three weeks to have permission to use it so the kids can play on it and still be accosted by the cops. I can't figure this dilema out. You can't win, unless, unless you have  NUCLEAR WEAPONS  

I plan on doing a presentation in front of Mayor Hitler tomorrow. I also have letters from parents and individual players who are waiting for an answer from the top brass... Yeh like this matters.

The only thing political gestpos understand is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ of course. So I will see how this angle comes out. Catch my drift/  

If I can't make this happen. I need a venture capitalist fast to build a legal tax paying field because these kids aren't gonna leave town any time soon.

I get over 200 customers a weekend buying merchandise from my shop. Huge gross revenue. I rent out equipment and service markers that need to be repaired.

The Police have just made it difficult for these kids...

Why can't the cops just be friends. Just like mike  

I offered the cops to play but the Chief Adolph Hitler threatend the individual officers already from playing. Conduct of unbecomming of an officer crap.

I own my own business and have all the time on my side but very little patience dealing with a-holes

If you would like to assist in a minor role with this situation. Please call the City Hall of Coconut Creek 954-973-6770

Ask for Mayor Jim Walden

E-mail for him is at www.creekgov.net

SWAT TEAM -vs- Paintballers that is to funny but scary.

I can be reached at 954 - 575 - 5039 directly.

The e-mail for Mayor Waldman is jwaldman@creekgov.net.

Copied from floridashootersnetwork.com
Link Posted: 1/5/2003 8:49:55 PM EDT
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Link Posted: 1/5/2003 8:51:24 PM EDT
Already on it...


Doublefeed, Ryan happens to be a friend of mine. I imagine he was a bit upset when he wrote the original post.
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