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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 10/6/2002 7:37:45 AM EDT
Early this week I had a friend that had not been hunting in few years ask if I could take him hunting. I said sure I am going coyote hunting for the first time my self on Saturday. If you would like to go we can take some extra rifles to shoot after we don't see anything. He gladly accepted. 5:30am Saterday morning he showed up at my house, and we were off. We reached the blind at 6:20 and I started to use the predator call around 7:00. I called every half hour until 8:00. At which point I said we will sit for a half hour more and then go shooting. Low and be hold 8:15 a coyote showed up. It was on my buddies side of the blind, I asked him to check out a bush I thought I saw movement in. He replied no it was a bird. So I watched it for a another minuet. At which point I said bull shit that is a coyote. Oh It is. It came with in 50 yards of us so I told him He could shoot it. I had my varmint AR, and he was using my .22mag. Anyway he got his scope on it and fired. Only to miss. I knew he missed right away. The coyote did one of those duck and turn moves I seen deer do after being missed. Then it trotted off in to the brush. We of course went out to make sure he missed. Nothing worse than wounding and animal and not finding it. So we looked for hair and blood for a half hour to find nothing. I mentioned I may have given him a bum gun, and that we should go shoot it to see. We walked the 80 acres we were on to make sure nobody eles was there. It is privately owned land of my fathers. 80 acers to be exact. But you never now who might sneak on to hunt. After I was satisfied we were safe, we set up at our 55 yard rang. It was fairly windy and this particular spot afforded the best protection from the wind. I told him to go ahead and shoot the remainder of his mag to see what kind of group he could get. As I had suspected it was dead on. He shoot a 3/4" group. If that is not good enough to hit a coyote I'll eat my own ass. Now it was my turn to shoot it. By the way it is a Marlin 25mn .22 mag. We were shooting 30 grain Federal premium. I ended up shooting a a five shoot 1/2" group. Ok we determined that it was not the gun. So we put it away and started to warm up the AR varmint I put together. It is a Model One 24" ss bull barrel flat top upper. I have a 6-18x42ao tasco on top of it. All mounted on a Century Arms striped lower. To show him how accurate this gun is, and it is. I put an 1/8 square dot on some notebook paper with a marker. Chambered my most accurate varmint round and took one shoot. No I didn't hit the dot, but missed it by 1/8". I then gave him the run down on how an AR works. Gave him one of the varmint rounds,and let him shoot. He only missed the dot by a little more than me. Now it was my turn again. Slapped a full thirty rounder in, mentioned if the cop were going to come it would be soon. I preceded to rapid fire five rounds as fast as I could, then emptied the remaining 25 at about 3 seconds a shoot. I ended up with a 4" group. My buddy did about the same. Went through 120 round this way until it got boring, Didn't take long either. When the boredom sets in I start to pull out the quarters. We made about two dollars worth of key chains. That got to be boring. He asked if he thought we might be able to hit a dime. Why not,lets try. On his first shoot at a dime he hit it. This is from 55 yards. We preceded to make a few more. Until my buddie got stung by a wasp. After a half hour of his head swelling I thought it was time to go. On the way home he said he had to get one of those ARs. And that he couldn't wait to call his brother in Alaska to tell him about his day. By the way no copes showed. We only had one DNR plain fly over, But I think they were looking for illegal baiting.
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