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Posted: 9/9/2004 2:51:50 PM EDT
that's what we need, an invasion on our soil of terrorists who storm a hotel with a "assault" weapon convention
Link Posted: 9/9/2004 2:53:38 PM EDT
Link Posted: 9/9/2004 2:55:36 PM EDT

Originally Posted By twonami:
that's what we need, an invasion on our soil of terrorists who storm a hotel with a "assault" weapon convention

Would be a good excuse to use your rifles other than at the range. But I think I'd pass on that idea. I don't want them over here fucking shit up anymore.
Link Posted: 9/9/2004 2:56:53 PM EDT
Only if it's defeated by lawfully armed Americans with so-called "assault weapons."

I have never gotten that title anyway. I can assault someone with anything, from an apple to a zebra and anything inbetween. What makes a gun so deserving of the title "assault weapon"?
Link Posted: 9/9/2004 2:58:47 PM EDT
Not going to happen.
A school or some other maximally soft target? Probably. They will keep finding targets where there is no one to fight back. I think plane hijackings are pretty much over with now. Even Sheeple catch on after awhile.
Link Posted: 9/9/2004 3:04:52 PM EDT
Next one will be a school or a mall in "Sheepletown USA". Some place in the Northeast, L.A. or SFO. They know that citizens in "Free America" are much more likely to be armed (or have access to their weapons close at hand) and are more motivated to take action. You'll never see the Tango's conduct any op in a rural area.

One only has to look at the D.C. "Sniper" case to see how sheep packed into liberal areas respond. A decent op, coordinated to hit several locations at the same time could shut down entire urban areas in a matter of hours.
Link Posted: 9/9/2004 3:06:24 PM EDT
In this day and age if something like that did happen Marshall Law would be declared and we'd lose all of our guns. That or the government would have to fight a "war" on two fronts, Tangos on one side and armed citizens on the other. Sheeple in this country don't accept the Militia like they did 100 years ago, today we're looked at as "gun nuts" not Armed Patriots looking after out countries best interests.
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