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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 1/7/2006 8:06:04 AM EST
anyone have experience with the perforated pipe and the fabric wrap? - says it needs no gravel backfill.

i need to install some drain line under the house but gravel will be difficult to get in under the crawl space. i am in red clay - i was concerned because the fabric seems like it would blind up quicker with sediment than if it had gravel in around it.
Link Posted: 1/7/2006 8:47:03 AM EST
no experience with cloth wraped perf pipe here but since your talkin CLAY id use the gravel . its kinda hard to make a judgement call without seein what your problem is , heck a simple short wall on the up slope side might take care of the problem.

Link Posted: 1/7/2006 10:38:29 AM EST
i'm getting water moving in under my foundation level - i think it perks down and hits the old ground level below where the house was backfilled. it moves under the footings and the blocks are absorbing it, etc.

at least this is basically what i think - a contractor verified at lest the block absorbing and lateral movement part of it.

i'm going to try just a sump to drop the drainage level - if that doesn't work, i'll do the trenching. i was here when they did most of the original waterproofing and thought it looked good. i have a couple of gutter drains i need to unclog too but i can't find the things. need to wait for it to dry out around here and then stick a hose down the gutter - look for the wet spot in the yard.

maybe i should still use gravel then since clay particle size is so small.
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