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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 5/23/2003 6:55:48 PM EST
thinking about when my cousin nailed his hand to a board. One time we were hunting grouse in the winter and about 1 foot of snow on the ground. we had to cross a runoff ravine that was filled with wet leaves. my buddy and I knew it was deep from continual erosion but it was frozen with slush like ice. we crossed wide apart. well same cousin comes walking right behind in our same traks. i walk like 50 yards and hear him calling for help. I cant see him so i go to his calls. I look down in he's up to his armpits in the thing. it looked like he was cut off at the torso and placed in the virgin snow. he was holding his shotgun over his head. i started laughing my ass off because it looked so funny. so my buddy came over and he stated laghing too. cousin got all pissed off and called us all kinds of names and said he is not able to touch bottom. we bent over a sappling and he got out. then his clothes promptly froze solid. he was walking like the tin man. we were howling as he was half frozen to death!
Link Posted: 5/23/2003 7:05:33 PM EST
Naaaaaaah, I'd a laughed too.
Link Posted: 5/23/2003 7:08:52 PM EST
[Last Edit: 5/23/2003 7:10:34 PM EST by The_Macallan]
The Cuervo must be uncovering latent feelings of guilt. [booze] You're not gonna start telling everyone here that you love us in a very slurred, blurry-eyed font are you?
Link Posted: 5/23/2003 7:11:00 PM EST
well the three of us have been tight since elementry school and my cousin always got rid hard by us. inow that i think about it i wonder how he didn't kill us!
Link Posted: 5/23/2003 7:12:32 PM EST
Link Posted: 5/23/2003 7:12:38 PM EST
I would be laughing too, as I was building a fire for him.
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