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Posted: 12/28/2003 11:02:38 AM EDT
Just wanted to see if anyone had any insight to share...

overview of our viewpoints.  
We believe that every religion is a projection of the völkish archetype, morals and ethics.(Volk is a German word meaning people or folk. It is commonly used in words such as "Volksmusik" or or the car manufacturer Volkswagen -literally, "people's car".) As every people is unique and different, it is impossible to transpose religions from one people onto another. Therefore the European peoples should be devoted to their original ethnic religion: Ásatrú, Wotanism or Odinism instead of imported, alien dogmas such as Judeo-Christianity or any non-European monotheistic religion.

We believe that Ásatrú is not a dogmatic religion, yet it implies a number of ethical values that are inherent to our people. These ethical values are recorded in the Hávamál (Words of the High One). These rules are our native "commandments", the highest law of our God Wotan - the father of all. Also see The 9 Noble Virtues. Every heathen or Ásatruár has the right to regard and worship the Aesir and Vanir in his or her own way, as long as he does not disrespect, neglect or contradict the essence of our religion.

We believe that men and women have equal rights. The current discrimination of women is merely a side-effect of Judeo-Christianity, a religion that states that females are the tool of evil. In the Germanic religion, man and women are created at the same time, by the same gods, with different yet complementary qualities. The pillar of our society is the mother, as she is the backbone of the family, which is the basic unit out of which society is built.

We believe that the values propagated in modern society are merely a continuation of Judeo-Christian values. As the spirit of Judeo-Christianity is incompatible with the spirit of each and every European people, modern values are also incompatible with the natural values of the European peoples. For the well-being of our people, politics should be based on a strong folkish feeling of solidarity with our own kind.

We believe that every culture is unique, as it is the result of the creative spirit of a people. Culture is the mirror that shows the true nature of a people. Our culture is our identity. Mixing cultures leads to anti-culture and decline, as it destroys our identity. This has, sadly, been proven already throughout history: the Sumerian, Iranian, Egyptian and Indo-Aryan cultures all allowed foreign cultural elements to exist in their ethno-cultural territory. In the end, the only thing prevailing was degeneration, and all the aforementioned cultures disappeared.

We believe in democracy. Not the current pseudo-democracy, but Nordic Democracy in the original  concept as it existed among our ancestors. True democracy is the will of the people - not the will of outsiders. The will of the people is seldom - if ever - executed in modern democracy. Therefore we feel that democracy only has a future the Germanic way, as practised in the Ting. People who are defending the interests of our people, not personal financial interests, should manage our society. One does not need to be very intelligent to know which kind of democratic rule will work best.


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