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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 10/30/2002 5:26:43 AM EST
united way campaign kick off meeting in 30 minutes 9:45 central time.. what should I know about these people... did the money from the Sept 11 ever make it to the people.. I need to hear some thngs.. people have been coming out of those meeting all morning and they say they are "gently"presured to give.. Since Im bored I wanna be able to bring up some issuses .< if any exist>.. [sarcasam]or are these people really the good folks they say they are[/sarcassam]
Link Posted: 10/30/2002 5:41:54 AM EST
[Last Edit: 10/30/2002 5:42:26 AM EST by NukeThemTillTheyGlow]
I think its the largest extortion racket going on in American. I hate those bastards..they spend so much money on self promotion and group hug type of stuff. I'd give my money direct. I know that the pressure of top exec's can be unbearable, so I wouldn't loose my job over it...just give the bare minimum if you need to. At my first job out of college, myself and my boss refused to be pressured and "give".....until the VP of the Dept called both of us to a "meeting" and basically told us we had to give. I have hated them ever since.
Link Posted: 10/30/2002 5:45:43 AM EST
They give me the form at work... I tear it up and toss it (in front of the "team" leader that hands them out). My fellow Ohioan has it right on, extortion by peer pressure. I have not the time now, but take a look if you will, at the annual salaries of your favourite charities' CEO's. You [b]WILL[/b] be shocked.
Link Posted: 10/30/2002 5:51:11 AM EST
good still got about 5 nimutes.. I will defently bring up the salary question... just cause I am bored..
Link Posted: 10/30/2002 5:56:08 AM EST
Lots of fraud gonig on as well. IIRC, one of the top guys used funds to pay for hookers a couple of years back. I don't believe more than a few percent of what you donate actually makes it to the charities - the rest goes to "administrative costs", some of which are veyr lavish getaways/dinners for the CEO's of the companies who contribute the most, which is one of the reasons companies push this so hard. Also look at the organizations they will give money to vs. those they won't.... They aren't exactly the most conservative of organizations. Rocko
Link Posted: 10/30/2002 6:05:58 AM EST
Doesn't UW give to Planned Parenthood and pro-choice organizations? They always have the fund raisers before I know what my bonus and raise is, hmmm. I gave them a $1 a week the first year at my current employer then I changed it to $0. They still take a $1 a week. I'm never giving them another $.01! Shok
Link Posted: 10/30/2002 6:10:17 AM EST
Just a word of advice. [b]Don't lose your job over it.[/b] I hate the United Way, and I've managed to avoid being in a position to be forced to contribute. If somebody has the proverbial gun to your head, just make a token, minimal contribution, and don't let you're conscience bother you. We all know that some of the money will go to things we hate, [b]just like our tax money does[/b], but if you keep yourself employed, you can give more money to the good guys. Unless you're prepared to fight all taxation on principal that it supports evil stuff, just throw $5 their way and don't worry about it. Keep your family fed, and give ten times as much to the good causes that you support. Best of all is if you can stay under the radar and not give to the UW at all.
Link Posted: 10/30/2002 6:12:11 AM EST
Yep, they suck. If you're going to give to an organiztaion, I believe the Salvation Army has the highest percentage of donated funds that go to those who need it rather than admin costs.
Link Posted: 10/30/2002 6:22:32 AM EST
Originally Posted By Chimborazo: Yep, they suck. If you're going to give to an organiztaion, I believe the Salvation Army has the highest percentage of donated funds that go to those who need it rather than admin costs.
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[size=3]Toys For Tots[/size=3] Babeeeeee! That is one that I will swear by. [marines]
Link Posted: 10/30/2002 7:00:53 AM EST
We had one last year I asked the rep how much money they gave to anti gun groups he got snotty and diddent get a dime from 95% of the people in the meeting. The plant Manager got pissed but they fired him for embelzment a month later anyway. Fcuk the United Way if you want to help all the local charities they claim to give money to do it directly then you don't have to worry about the liberal btiches forcing their views on private organizations I.E./ telling the boy scouts that they must admit gays
Link Posted: 10/30/2002 7:49:44 AM EST
Is United Way part of the U.N ? That's what I heard.
Link Posted: 10/30/2002 8:03:18 AM EST
Ask him if the United Way still have the Boy Scouts OFF of their list because they won't let gays and pedophiles join ;)
Link Posted: 10/30/2002 8:31:00 AM EST
Some of the United Way lists include HCI and some don't. Don't get fired but don't give them nothing, either. Give to a local SPCA/shelter, homeless shelter, visiting nurse association or whatever. My local United Way includes parochial high schools! That shouldn't be.
Link Posted: 10/30/2002 8:35:17 AM EST
Originally Posted By kevf7: Is United Way part of the U.N ? That's what I heard.
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I don't think so...you're probably thinking of Unicef.
Link Posted: 10/30/2002 8:39:20 AM EST
They helped me out some. $2500.00 from the initial WTC. They have been calling me since everyone here got on their case. At least they were truthful and didn't start putting restrictions like Red Cross and the Twin Tower fund is doing. The United way and the Safe Horizon Fund work together. I would ask where all the money went? I know they didn't give out has much as they collected.
Link Posted: 10/30/2002 8:45:10 AM EST
Originally Posted By Badseed:
Originally Posted By Chimborazo: Yep, they suck. If you're going to give to an organiztaion, I believe the Salvation Army has the highest percentage of donated funds that go to those who need it rather than admin costs.
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[size=3]Toys For Tots[/size=3] Babeeeeee! That is one that I will swear by.
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Yeah, I forgot about them. I've been going to Toys R Us and buying a few toys for the Children's hospital near where I work.
Link Posted: 10/30/2002 9:02:09 AM EST
Wow.. I had no Idea people got fired over this. Well this is how it went.. Starts off with a sad story and asks who would NOT help the person in the story.. wada..wada...wada 30 minutes Video .. < that must of cost a small fortune to produce> Hardly any time for question answer sesion.. < just long enough to say they HAD one> I did get to ask : "What ever happened to all the money given for Sept 11? I know there are people out there that are still hurting and have yet to see any money.. Why has it taken so long for people to be able to collect from the fund I gave to last year for that specfic purpuse? How much money is still left from the sept 11 fund and when do think the united way will finally disttrubute it?" as you can imagine.. when I asked thes questions it came out in one LONG sentance cause I figured if he found a change he would interupt and move on.. the answer was simply.. : "Just leave your Employee ID on the way out and I will email you the answers.. ".. yeah right... no form to tar up anymore.. your company setups up a place on the united way website.. you log on .. and give.
Link Posted: 10/30/2002 9:08:13 AM EST
[url=www.garus.org/issues/hlth-publ-safty/2000/0921-firstmonday.htm]first monday 2000 Unite to End Gun Violence[/url] [url=discover-net.net/~rkbaviews/nv_0508.pdf]RKBA News & Views[/url] [url=www.packing.org/news/article.jsp/4249/]Virginia: Brady Campaign (HCI) Endorses Warner for Gov.[/url] [url=www.americansonsofliberty.com/leftwinggroups_abuse9-11funds.asp]Left-Wing Groups Aided by 9-11 Funds; Critics Charge 'Abuse'[/url]
Link Posted: 10/30/2002 12:13:46 PM EST
[Last Edit: 10/30/2002 12:16:37 PM EST by jimmyjoebob]
I'll throw in my info UW is the most anti- gun, anti-boy scouts, and anti-white group out there Last month an employee where my wife's work had a bad month 1) his wife was killed in a car wreck 2) 2 weeks later his house burned down killing his daughter They called the United Way to get this guy some sort of help, and the first question they asked was if he was white, when they answered affirmative, they promptly said "Sorry we can't help" and hung up. They also try to force everyone at my wife's work to donate to be a "teamplayer" She refuses, and quotes their past transgressions: 1) they donate to HCI, and we are very pro gun 2) Sept 11 fund money is STILL missing 3) Boycott against the Boy Scouts 4) CEO makes $1 million a year, AND his leased Mercedes is paid for by the UW 5) less than 30% of the money you donate to them goes to actual charity, and if you use the option of having them donate your money to another group you choose( like the NRA) they still take their cut We refuse to donate, and we always do locally, via Goodwill and Salvation Army. At least we know our money makes a difference then. And does not pay for some yuppies Surf and Turf at a 5 star joint James
Link Posted: 11/14/2002 8:14:07 AM EST
If your gun is dumb, you may want to contribute to United Way, because they might help make it smart.
United Way of America has taken no legislative position on gun control and should not be identified as a proponent or an opponent in any public or private statement. UWA is precluded by policy and, in some cases by law, from participating in partisan politics. United Way of America, like many organizations in the non-profit human service sector, is constantly challenged to address the issue of guns in our society as it relates to child safety. Our ability to do our work is dependent on individual and organizational donors, many of whom are divided in their passionate stands on guns. As advocates for children and as investors in their healthy development, we cannot overlook the fact that illegal and inappropriate use of firearms endangers children and youth anymore than we can ignore child abuse and neglect. United Way organizations that feel they must address these issues may wish to focus on inappropriate and illegal access to guns by children and youth. These issues may include safe gun storage, keeping guns and other weapons out of schools and other settings where children could be endangered (e.g., youth agencies). The challenge is to focus attention on keeping guns and other weapons out of situations, whether schools or other settings, where children can injure other children or can themselves be injured. Positive steps may include supporting: efforts to enforce existing laws, technological means of preventing people from firing guns they do not own, firearms education (e.g., “If you own one, educate your kids.”), and tracking statistics on the number of gun injuries and deaths involving children. United Way is a system of 1,400 separately incorporated independent organizations. Each raises money in annual fund-raising campaigns and allocates funds to local health and human service agencies. Together they raised $3.77 billion in 1999-2000 fund-raising campaigns, supporting over 45,000 agencies delivering programs and services to millions of people from all walks of life. United Way of America is the national service and training center for the 1,400 member strong United Way system. Its role is to equip United Ways – as well as their corporate and philanthropic partners – with the tools that they need to make a measurable impact in the communities they serve. United Way of America invests in the programs and services that strengthen the ability of local United Ways to focus resources and provide solutions for the most important needs in communities nationwide. For more information about United Way, log on to unitedway.org. -------------------------------------- Original Message (11/12/2002) -------------------------------------- I just wanted to let you know that I have donated to United Way in the past, but never again will. I do not support organizations that support other organizations who wish to strip us of our rights. If you really wish to prevent handgun violence or accidents to children, work with the NRA to fund mandatory gun safety instruction for all school children. I am willing to bet that most "accidental" shootings involving children involve children of anti-gun households who don't want their kids near guns. In this way they are never taught the proper handling or responsibility involved.
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Link Posted: 11/14/2002 8:30:01 AM EST
I was going to reply to this post with my opinion, but I see that someone else already has. DITTO.
Link Posted: 11/14/2002 8:56:35 AM EST
I must be missing something here. How the hell can you company fire you for not donating? If mine tried to do that I would sue the crap out of them.
Link Posted: 11/14/2002 8:57:07 AM EST
I had a job once where the UW thing was a full-court press. Everyone who gave got a little sticker on their ID badge. Since you had to wear the damn badge at all times, it was pretty obvious who gave and who did not. I gave a one-time $10 donation because I could see what was going on with regard to promotions and so forth and I was young and foolish and non-confrontational back then. I got my "I gave and am a good little conformist" sticker and nobody gave me a hard time. But I remember the form--it was created with the expectation that you would let them pilfer your bank account using a direct-deposit type of arrangement on a monthly basis. I laughed out loud at that. I wasn't totally stupid!
Link Posted: 11/14/2002 9:35:58 AM EST
If I [b]choose[/b] to make a gift, it will be to a specific cause or individual, not some liberal slime extortionist racket![:(!]
Link Posted: 11/14/2002 10:02:48 AM EST
Ask them if you can have your donations directed to the NRA Foundation.
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