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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 12/27/2005 2:43:10 PM EST
Link Posted: 12/27/2005 2:51:06 PM EST
I have a small one I bought from Radio Shack. I put my AR bolt in it (carrier won't fit) with some mineral spirits to take out the carbon.

A few chunks came off, nothing special.

I'm not sure this one works, but it only cost me like $5.
Link Posted: 12/27/2005 2:51:24 PM EST
[Last Edit: 12/27/2005 2:54:57 PM EST by Merrell]
they get in nooks and crannies very well. You need a basket (to keep the parts off the tank itself, loads the US transducers). Models with heat help a bit. Which model & mfg?

(ETA: I have a Branson with heat & timer, not one of the small jewelry cleaners - equivalent to the 3510)

With the right cleaner (solution), ultrasonics are great. FAQ
Link Posted: 12/27/2005 2:59:19 PM EST
As Merrell said they are great for getting into the nooks and crannies. The cleaning solution will get warm by itself just but ultrasonic action. Not as hot as the heated though. They work real well if you have the right solvent for the grim you're trying to remove.
Link Posted: 12/27/2005 3:03:00 PM EST
How much?
Link Posted: 12/27/2005 3:04:49 PM EST
Great for cleaning but not worth paying full price for. I have to buy the large ones for cleaning circuit boards and other stuff and they get super expensive as they increase in size.
Link Posted: 12/27/2005 3:16:12 PM EST
Larger ones can get pricey, this is the one I have and I think it ran me a couple hundred (used) 10 years ago. New at the time they were probably 600. much smaller than that and you'd have a hard time putting a 1911 in one (remember you need to use a basket insert). For precision stuff or getting things really clean though, they are hard to beat.
Link Posted: 12/27/2005 3:19:22 PM EST
how are they made, is it just a glorifide vibrating tank? or is there more to it?
Link Posted: 12/27/2005 3:22:28 PM EST
Dont use them if you have any little cuts or something on your hands. That ultrasonic action just digs right into those little cuts and makes them HURT.

Otherwise, go for it.
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