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Posted: 10/28/2013 3:27:08 PM EDT

SAN DIEGO (AP) — Soldiers often call plastic surgeon Adam Tattelbaum in a panic. They need liposuction — fast.

Some military personnel are turning to the surgical procedure to remove excess fat from their waists in a desperate attempt to pass the Pentagon's body fat test, which relies on measurements of the neck and waist and can determine their future prospects in the military.

"They come in panicked about being kicked out or getting a demerit that will hurt their chances at a promotion," the Rockville, Md., surgeon said.

Service members complain that the Defense Department's method of estimating body fat weeds out not just flabby physiques but bulkier, muscular builds

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[Last Edit: 10/28/2013 3:31:23 PM EDT by ShamusMcOI]

that said i've known several soldiers who could barely pass tape, who could out pt soldiers who looked like they should be more fit.

i've been taped almost every single time (and passed), but never even come close to failing a pt test. in better shape than many guys half my age.
Link Posted: 10/28/2013 3:55:26 PM EDT
I've seen it done. A guy in my old unit. Always passed P.T., but taped close. He didn't care too much because he was getting out. Some time later, he mentions that he's staying in for the full 20 years. Wondering why he changed his mind, I asked him. Turns out that his brother and brother's wife died in an accident. The brother and wife had 4 kids. With no one else for them to go to, he took them in. The kicker was that he and his wife already had 4 kids of their own.

So, with 8 kids, he decides to get the liposuction to stay well below on the tape. At this point the Army was downsizing and if you were too close to max on the tape, you couldn't re-up. There was no way he could afford to get put out with 8 kids and a wife to support. Poor dude, I hope he did OK.
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