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Posted: 10/22/2001 8:29:18 PM EDT
Hi, I bought my father a DW .445 SuperMag revolver. He lives is ILL and has a valid FOID cardI live in PA, and don't need anything like that. I plan on giving this to him in person, either I go there or he comes here which ever is first. What if any transfer is required between parent and child? or do I need to have it sent to an FFL in ILL? Thanks, Bob
Link Posted: 10/22/2001 8:54:57 PM EDT
Well, I know the laws are written to allow immediate family to give hardware as a gift without it being considered a "straw purchase", assuming all parties are legal in posession (i.e- No felons, the firearm is legal in both municipalities, and so on) I don't know how a transfer would work for an ou of state deal. I would like to know myself. BTT (By the way- You have good taste. The 445 is a bad boy. I fired one at the Ocala range 3 months ago. I was very, very impressed. It allows reloaders the flexability to shoot standard 44 mags, or supercharge them to insane presure levels... I hope if I ever have a son, he buys me 445 Supermags [:)] )
Link Posted: 10/22/2001 10:32:33 PM EDT
Bob, It does need to go through a dealer. If he is anywhere near Chicago, I can give you a dealer's name that will not charge sales tax (long story, but in the end, a lot of them do charge tax because of pressure from the State in this area), $20 transfer fee. AFARR
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