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Posted: 1/28/2002 6:05:17 PM EDT
I just finished a three day "Tactical Handgun 101" course run by Randy Cain of Cumberland Tactics [url]www.guntactics.com[/url].It was held in Lakeland Fl. at [url]www.southernexposuretraining.com[/url]. Man what a great course. Randy Cain is a great instructor The material was presented in a logical fashion. He started with basics, built on them, and always challenged us.We had a good class and near the end we did drills from "Handgun 102" I have been a skydiving instructor for 19 years. I have seen lots of instructors, some good, some bad. Randy is one the best. Nevermind what he was teaching. I will take this course again. Several people on the course had taken it before and were taking it for the second or third time. Not because they wre bad, but because it makes sense to emphasize the basics. They are right. There is so much information that it was difficult for me to take it in. Just when I was getting something, he would add more to the drill. There was a nite shoot too! I sucked at nite. I had barely grasped the tactics, and the addition of a flashlight into the mix was too much. Randy spent a lot of time with each of us. If we had a problem, he would find it and fix it. If you have the chance, take this course. He runs it all over the country. If you can, take it at SouthernExposure. This range, its location and owner allow drills you wouldnt be able to practice anywhere else. If you carry a pistol for self defence, you need this course. BP
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