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Posted: 5/30/2001 6:16:51 PM EDT
tommorow I'll be hitting the woods. It's a large,wild,super green annd lush forest area,with ferns and black soil.I'll be heading in on a Bear Tracker (ATV) and I'll dismount once I get a bit inside.Then I'll take out my ar-15 carbine,rucksack,and I'll start to explore.It's going to be a estimated 94 degrees,high humidity,and theres a thunder storm warning for the late afternoon.Those factors and the fact that these woods are completely dark green with ferns and lush plants will probably simulate being in Jurassic Park:) one day it would be cool to try to be out there more then one day.I'll have to get more supplies,and a good tent before that though.Any of you dudes do "armed expeditions" sorta like this? I'll be wearing full woodland BDUs with OD Green load bearing harness/tactical vest,so I'll probably be hot.I hope the bugs won't be in force tommorow.
Link Posted: 5/30/2001 6:36:45 PM EDT
...and I'll be waiting for you behind that bush...or maybe that one. Oh yes, I'll be there. So watch out!
Link Posted: 5/30/2001 6:37:37 PM EDT
Just messing with ya, have fun!
Link Posted: 5/30/2001 6:39:23 PM EDT
Hell yes I do. Ocala Nat. Forest, or in the wilderness that stretches I95 between St. Aug and J-Ville- Tresspassing, but whatever. Catch me if you can. Once, I did something similar in the "Big Cypress" in So.FL when I was 17 years old. Me, my dads 1911 and K-Bar, 1 spare mag, a compass, a book of cheezy store matches, a canteen, and a sleeping bag. Dats it. Stayed out there for 3 days- Ate piglet the whole time [:D]
Link Posted: 5/30/2001 6:44:17 PM EDT
Link Posted: 5/30/2001 6:56:32 PM EDT
LOL!! oOo,trespassing:) it's easy to do out here in Florida. Raf, "equipment test" ? what's the point of having equipment if you don't employ it? Yeehaw!! my boonie hat is waitin:) Thinking of bringing my bag of camo-netting so I can toss it over the ATV after dismount..the sherriff's Department "gun ship" flies over the area every few days,but normally at night.Boy,I am parinoid:)
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