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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 3/14/2006 5:40:49 PM EST
Okay I'm picking up some stuff at WalMart and I swing by the sporting goods dept to get some patches and see if they have any WWB 9mm. There's like four 20 somethings 2 women 2 men with dirty faced kids at the counter, so I go to the cleaning supplies shelf first. One of the women walk up to me and ask if I know anything about "guns and bullets and stuff." Worried a bit I answer "a little"

She proceeds to show me a magazine from I don't know what (worn blueing no markings, a long groove for checking how full it was with a little tab to pull down the follower.) I'm figuring it was from some kind of older Italian or German piece, but thats a WAG. She then shows me a 9x19 round and tells me "I bought some bullets but they're to long for the clip." So I look at it for a second thinking if I should tell her anything. My chivalry or my ever presentdesire to demonstrate my knowledge got the better of me. The guy behind the counter, nor her two male companions had been able to help her. Me: "Well mam it's probably a 9mm short or 380ACP." The counter guy of course has no idea..so I go over and he's pulling out more 9x19. I tell him its not a 9mm Luger its a 9mm short. so he looks and says they don't have 9mm short. I ask him if if they have 380 ACP or 380 auto which they did. So we check it to see it fits in the mag, it did. 100 box of JHPs for ike $14 maybe I should get me one. I tell her to look on the side of the gun and make sure it says either 9mm short, 9mm Kurtz with a K, 280ACP or 380 auto as those are diferent names for the round in Europe and America.

She told me her dad had bought her the pistol and was going to teach her to shoot it. She volunteered the info even though I didn't ask, almost like ti was rehearsed.

So I just hope I'm not an accesory to murder or this woman doesn't blow off her hand.
Link Posted: 3/14/2006 5:47:28 PM EST
Just keep buying ammo till you find something that will shoot lady.
Link Posted: 3/14/2006 5:48:18 PM EST
Reminds me of some of the people buying guns there before Y2K. It was quite scary...
Link Posted: 3/14/2006 5:54:52 PM EST
The men probably put her up to it, because they figured someone would help a 'lady' out first.....because guns are 'manly' and we know all.......also, the guys probably didn't want to sound suspicious, which they probably would have, as soon as they spoke........I could be wrong, but with your comment about her 'rehearsed' lines, it sounds strange to me.....
Link Posted: 3/14/2006 5:56:11 PM EST
You sure it was a pistol not a rifle round.

Motive murky in club gunfire
Alleged gunman bought weapon following storm, friend says
Tuesday, March 14, 2006
By Paul Rioux
St. Tammany bureau
A man accused of spraying 30 rounds from an assault rifle outside a Covington bar Friday night bought the semiautomatic weapon after Hurricane Katrina to protect himself from looters, a friend said Monday.


"He was pretty proud of it," Shane Legere said. "He knew I had some guns as a hunter, and he had to have a bigger one. He was pretty competitive about stuff like that."

Tony R. Lambert, 34, of Covington, was subdued by off-duty federal narcotics agents after he allegedly pulled the AR-15 rifle from his car and blasted away at the packed Columbia Street Tap Room & Grill, police said.

No one was injured in the 11:18 p.m. incident, but the spectacle of a barrage of gunfire in the heart of downtown Covington was enough to draw a steady stream of curious onlookers three days later.

Motorists drove slowly past the bar Monday afternoon, pointing out bullet holes in the building's brown stucco walls.

"Look, there's one right above the door," said one man, leaning out of the passenger seat of a car. "I wonder what set him off?"

Motive a mystery

Steve Ahrons, the bar's owner, said police told him the shooting may have been sparked when Lambert saw his girlfriend dancing with another man. But Legere said Lambert doesn't have a girlfriend.

"It may have been a girl he met that night, but he wasn't dating anyone," said Legere, who has been letting Lambert stay in a travel trailer outside his Covington area house.

Legere said he doesn't know what might have angered Lambert, a registered nurse who has no criminal record in St. Tammany Parish, according to records at the parish courthouse.

"He was wound a little tight, but there was nothing that would make you expect something like this," he said. "I'm just kind of in shock."

Lambert was born in Picayune, Miss., and moved in his teens to Slidell, where he graduated from high school, Legere said. After a stint in the Navy, Lambert enrolled at Southeastern Louisiana University, where he made the dean's list and received a nursing degree in May 2000.

Legere said Lambert held a few nursing jobs and is currently employed as a construction worker, repairing storm-damaged homes.

Lambert was living in a Mandeville home before Katrina, but he had to move out to make way for his roommate's displaced New Orleans relatives. A few weeks after the storm, Legere let Lambert, his former college roommate, stay in the old trailer outside his house north of Covington.

Off by himself

Legere said he hadn't noticed any major changes in Lambert's behavior recently, although he did say Lambert had started spending more time alone in the small trailer.

"He used to eat dinner in the house with us, take a shower and then go out to the trailer just to sleep," he said. "But lately he had been spending most of his time out there."

Lambert was booked with 10 charges, including two counts of attempted first-degree murder of a federal agent alleging he fired at two Drug Enforcement Administration agents, who hid behind parked cars and tackled Lambert when he stopped to reload, police said.

Ahrons said bar employees brought everyone inside and locked the front and back doors after the shots rang out.

"There was no pandemonium, no screaming people rushing for the doors," he said. "There were a lot of questions like, 'Hey, what's going on?' But everybody pretty much stayed calm."

More security

He said business has more than doubled since Katrina, fueled by the parish's population explosion and the influx of out-of-state construction workers.

Ahrons said he has increased security at the club, noting that there were five security guards on duty Friday night as The Boogiemen played for a crowd of about 150.

"The vibe of the place was very good. Everybody was having fun, and I was thinking, 'What a great day to own a bar,' " he said. "Then the shooting occurred."

Ahrons, who said he didn't notice a drop-off in Saturday's crowd, said he's considering hiring a private firm to oversee security.

"We're going to take all the necessary steps to ensure everyone's safety," he said. "We've worked too hard over the past 10 years on this place not to."

. . . . . . .

Paul Rioux can be reached at prioux@timespicayune.com or (985) 645-2852.

Link Posted: 3/14/2006 5:57:08 PM EST
You gotta love the .380 auto: the cartridge with a thousand names.

- .380 ACP
- 9mm Browning-Court
- 9mm Kurz (why does everyone always misspell Kurz?)
- .380 Auto

Not to mention the various 9mm cartridges available...
Link Posted: 3/14/2006 6:09:23 PM EST

Originally Posted By Ranxerox911:
You gotta love the .380 auto: the cartridge with a thousand names.

- .380 ACP
- 9mm Browning-Court
- 9mm Kurz (why does everyone always misspell Kurz?)
- .380 Auto

Not to mention the various 9mm cartridges available...

Link Posted: 3/14/2006 6:10:09 PM EST
I was in Wally Wolrd this weekend buying a bag of baseballs for my son to practice with ($9 for a dozen, good deal). Anyway I stopped at the sporting goods counter and didn't see any 10/22's or a price tag for one in the empty slots. I asked the girl there if they had any and for how much and she just reached under the counter and handed me their binder, said she didn't know what I was asking for and to see if I could find the code so she could do a price check in the register

It had every firearm they had received in the last year along with the names and addresses of the people who had bought them. They did have one 10/22 in stock for $179 when I read the UPC code to her. Looks like this Walmart had sold about 30 firearms since new years. at least if I had cared I could have noted who to as well.
Link Posted: 3/14/2006 6:15:04 PM EST
Ok I give mine.
I was at Wally World last weekend while home from a business trip (hey the wife needed a few things for her mother) I would have rather spent time relaxing at home with a cold one.
So wife goes to find her needs and I go to sporting goods where she can find me. The guy who runs the department is a nice guy who hunts and fishes, and a Korea of early Viet. Vet. When he sees me he asks If I need more ammo when I am in. This trip I tell him I am just killing time waiting on the wife. Two female types (one I question just by looks but I don't judge, yet) one is a 'banger by the ink on her neck and hands and exposed arms.
Banger proceedes to tell female 2 thats what I carried in the army while pointing to the shotguns, a double barrell pump shotgun.
Wally World Guy looks at me, as I had moved closer to the counter to hear this tale and rolled his eyes. I was doing the best I could do to keep from busting out.
Banger kept asking him about regulations and if they had the long barrell double pump because it tears shit up.
He calmly tells her the regs. for buying a shotgun and kept a straight face.
He finally answered banger questions and they move out of the area.
He steps back over to where I was and askes If I needed anything, I replyed no I was just catching the humerous conversation.
After we both laugh he tells me that he gets about 3 a day that want a shotgun that will take out a "whole wall" Too much time watching TV shows he says.
I have a new found respect for the Wally World guy if he can listen to this crap and keep a straight face.
Link Posted: 3/14/2006 6:29:41 PM EST
Sounds like it might have been a mag for a Hi-Standard Duramatic .380ACP.

This one is for a .22LR, but you get the idea.
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