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Posted: 9/4/2005 12:00:31 PM EDT
Well, its gonna be a fun afternoon. Ive spent the last 3 hours trying to pull a stuck bullet out of my new muzzeloader. no friggin luck.

Took it to the range this morning, it was hangfiring, i think my pyrodex my be bad or something (i bought that yesterday too)

anyway, on shot 5 pop, no bang, so i retried like 8 times. After that i dissasembeled it and drenched my powder with water out of my camelback.

now im in the process of discovering that its damn near impossible to bull a t/c 250 grain shockwave spirepoint with a polycarbonate tip, and i dont think the fact that its a sabot is helping much either.

Next time im shooting balls, i didnt want sabots but tharts what the store had, and im trying to get ready for blackpowder deer which opens next weekend.

anyone got any ideas on how i can do this easier?

btw its a cva bobcat (i know its cheap but im not rich)

thanx yall

Link Posted: 9/4/2005 12:09:39 PM EDT
Sounds like you need that little tool that can screw into the front of the bullet, where it can be pulled out. I think it's called a "worm."
Link Posted: 9/4/2005 12:12:13 PM EDT
thats what im using, i think the prollem is that the bellet is a spire point (just like a regular 223 bullet) and its kicking it off to the side, it looks like ive worn it down, but the bullet is also jacketed

i am trting the puller though

i knew i should have bopught round balls.
Link Posted: 9/4/2005 12:14:32 PM EDT
Ummmm OK. I guess the only other option would be to procure one of those little things that uses a CO2 catridge to blow the bullet out from the nipple end.

Probably not gonna be something you find locally though. Probably Cabela's.
Link Posted: 9/4/2005 12:15:34 PM EDT
kind of a bad idea wetting down the powder. What I would have done would be to pull the screw out the side of the flash pan dohicky. Then I would of knocked out any of the old powder that I could from that little hole. Then I would have put in some new real black powder in that hole. and then try to set it off.
Link Posted: 9/4/2005 12:17:28 PM EDT
Load discharger

Here it is.
Link Posted: 9/4/2005 12:18:55 PM EDT
wetting it down was the only way they would let me clear off the range, the guy running it is a major and has kind of an i know everything ego prollem.
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