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Posted: 10/18/2008 6:03:16 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 10/18/2008 6:05:42 PM EDT by hsracer201]
i rent a house on a 207 acre farm in cental VA.  

i found a treestand while out bowhunting the other evening that was hanging on a property boundary tree, but the stand itself was hanging "onto my property, and facing my property". kind of a "what TF" were you thinking" kind of moment.

when i say "my", VA grants the same rights to rentors as it does owners, and seeing how my landlord does not live around here, i call it "mine:.  

i found the stand, took it down, and brought it home with me.  if the owner wants it back, they can contact my LL and tell him how they were tresspassing,and they would like their stand back and they will never be a little tesspassing bitch ever again....  

if they don't, then i'm keeping it.  not that it is much more than a wally world lock on special......

i think that out of spite i might still go to lowes tomorrow and build a GIGANTIC sign that says "no tresspassing" and drill that mother fucker in up to eye level with the stand i found.  

might drive the point home, eh?  
Link Posted: 10/18/2008 6:05:37 PM EDT
WTF give me my god damn stand back
Link Posted: 10/18/2008 6:07:38 PM EDT
so it is you i need to shoot?  
Link Posted: 10/18/2008 6:11:03 PM EDT

Originally Posted By hsracer201:
so it is you i need to shoot?  

Nah just lookin for a free stand
Link Posted: 10/18/2008 7:04:24 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 10/18/2008 7:04:54 PM EDT by FrankSymptoms]
You, Sir, lack imagination.

Leave the stand in place. Put one of THESE   pointing straight at the stand, about 20-30 yards distant. THAT will get his attention!
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