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Posted: 5/30/2008 7:04:56 AM EST
I fly ultralights. I have a S-12 and a aerolite 103. I really like the low and slow flying but i felt the S-12 was underpowered. I sold the Rotax to a friend and just before Christmas i got my new powerplant. I hauled my rig to the house so i could work where it was warm, tools there and power. I did not take long. After waiting weeks for it to warm up, Finally breakin` time back at hangar. The first flying time it was a beautiful day. I pushed it out and waiting for it to warm up. The area where i hangar is surronded by farms for miles around. As we start rolling i notice a truck come up to a field beside the grass strip with the bed full of barrels saw horses poles an more stuff. I was only going to make one lap around the patch and land to recheck everything(nuts,bolts,exhaust). I came to a stop only a few feet from his truck. He walked over. He had camo on all over with a Viet Nam era helment on. I noticed all the stuff he had in the truck was arranged on the next field. I thought i had seen it all but you should see his AR-15. I think some attachments had DEWALT on it. The only thing it lacked was a Swiss army knife. I asked him what was today`s mission. His reply was I am getting ready for SHTF. i told he he looked really ready for shtf. His reply was " I HAVE EVEN GOT ON MY TACTICAL DRAWERS".
Link Posted: 6/5/2008 9:32:36 AM EST
Those cornfield commandoes can really be amusing sometimes... I don't even want to know what "tactical drawers" are.

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