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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 10/23/2001 3:18:57 AM EST
hello i have a 1992 dodge dynasty with a 3.3 liter engine. i was wondering about swapping dodge's big block 488 v10 into the car. i realize i would probably have to convert to rear wheel drive and a manual transmission but that's something i'm willing to do. i would like to make this car into a semi performance. i say semi performance because i don't want to tub the body and change all the body panels to fiberglass. i not looking to build a dragster, just something that can blow the doors of a guy in a mustang or camero. basically, i want crazy power and this engine is crazy enough. around here it's cool to take non-sports cars and make them cool and fast. if i did this, i'd be a god. i also realize that having a fast car is more than just a big engine. there's transmissions, gear ratios, tires, etc. the car is driveable right now, and is in great condition, it's been a daily driver since 1992. i didn't buy this as a write-off or some busted car. my questions to you are: is this even possible? (if your laughing right now, it's ok) will the engine stick up through the hood? how hard is it to convert from front wheel drive to rear wheel drive? what other swap in items can you recomend? (tranny, axle's etc.) ***IMPORTANT*** ================ will i break the unibody frame when i torque this beast? will i have to reinforce the unibody? how fast can i expect the car to go? (other than adding some ground effects, i'm not going to trim or cut the body any. this is something i'd really like to do. i really like my car, but i'd like it to have crazy power so this is what i've thought of. your help and opinons would be greatly appreciated. Sincerly, OffRoad
Link Posted: 10/23/2001 3:20:47 AM EST
It's Camaro not Camero!! [:D] It sounds to me like the cost wouldn't justify the performance. Just buy a cheap muscle car and make it fast. IMO Ian
Link Posted: 10/23/2001 3:24:27 AM EST
sorry about the spelling error but, around here it's cool to take non-sports cars and make them cool and fast. if i did this, i'd be a god.
Link Posted: 10/23/2001 3:52:05 AM EST
How would you stop this beast? How hard would it be for you to take a retired police cruiser that already has beefed up brakes and suspensions, improved cooling system and rear wheel drive and make this happen. I know in the U.S., local police departments auction off their vehicles when they have major mechanical failures that are too expensive to fix or have a history of mechanical problems.
Link Posted: 10/23/2001 3:59:09 AM EST
You will definitely need to build up the front suspension and frame where the motor will sit. I have a V10 and it is heavy. Also, the torque created by this monster will require a very large/heavy duty transmission.
Link Posted: 10/23/2001 4:19:09 AM EST
Around here they just take an old caddy and drop it on a 4wd frame with 35" swampers... If I ever see the car again i will have to post a pic. Or a 78 Chevy 4WD with 44's but on the other side of town its ghetto sleds or what ever you call them. I had my similar thing to what you wanted to do, I was going to fabricate some kind of frame from an 85 Citation and drop in a 289 ford and have a bell housing and flywheel made to bolt up a powerglide to it, but I didn't really do much with that idea... Also wanded to put together a Chevette with a 4.3 [whacko] I am not sure you will get the v10 in there because of the size ot the motor + a fan + a radiator you need another foot on the front of the car, plus all the weight in the front and having RWD would be a death trap. It may fit transverse but you need to find a tranny that could bolt up and take that much more torque. but anyway.. It would be something neat to see, but it will take alot of research and alot of $$$ to make it work... If you have a machine shop and welding equipt. you have an advantage. Good luck... I want to see pics... [:D]
Link Posted: 10/23/2001 4:27:52 AM EST
basically i want to put viper drivtrain, engine, tranny, axles, etc, in my dynasty. i want the coolness of being able to pull up at a stop light, look at the guy beside, shake my head diapprovingly, , have the light go green and then stomp all over his ass. also whenever me and the boys are driving to shediac, there's alaways one guy who try to pass us, no matter how fast we go. we wqant to be able to beat him. i'd also like to put nos on the car.
Link Posted: 10/23/2001 5:02:49 AM EST
You will have major problems trying to wedge a trans into a car that wasn't designed for it (ie. a fwd). I guess you could cut out the middle of the body and make room for the trans and driveshaft, but that would be lots of work. You'd need to scrap the rear suspension and rig up a something for a drive axle. You might be able to work with the front suspension if you remove the half-shafts. Getting steerign linkages around that beast of an engine will be tricky. Since Dodge only made the V-10 fuel injected you will need a complete wiring and fuel system that is compatiable (from a donor viper) and then graft it into your project car. How good are you fab skills because the price of have a professional shop do this could cost over $10,000. Granted it would be cool i don't see it being at all practical. Have fun smoking 5liters.
Link Posted: 10/23/2001 5:17:53 AM EST
Hi from a Mopar drag racer. Your swap is not practical. You would have to stretch the front of the car, meaning complete custom chassis and body work, just to make the engine fit. You might get a V8 in there, but a V10 is too long. Cool idea though. You could always go with a 440, but you would still have to fabricate most of the car. Much cheaper to buy an older "real" Mopar and do it that way.
Link Posted: 10/23/2001 5:48:24 AM EST
Sorry Bro, that just ain't gonna happen. Two totally different designs. It would be like trying to convert a 10/22 to shoot 50 BMG... Oh, I'm sure it could be done, but when you finished, there would be very little left of the 10/22.(If anything). No matter what car body you find to slide a v-10 into, you're gonna need DEEP pockets to pull this off. And when you finish the project, you'll find that you could have bought a real Hemi 'cuda for what this little "Custom" cost you. Good Luck. Rich
Link Posted: 10/23/2001 6:53:14 AM EST
They used to sell a k-car frame that would let you swap the fwd to rwd v-8. If you can find one, I would start there. There are a couple of guys that have converted e-bodies to accept the v-10. I don't believe it is that much longer than a v-8. They make the humps for 4speed cars, so you could use part of that for the tranny hump. I don't think the car will tear itself apart, but I wouldn't do many wheel standing launches from it either. It will be very expensive on stock parts alone. I am sure there will be plenty of fabrication involved no matter what. Say 5000 for the k-frame if you can find it. 15000 for the v-10, and another 3-4 k in the tranny. If you have the other 15000 for fabrication go for it, but you will have close to 40000 in a 92 dodge dynasty not counting the price of the dynasty. Good luck though.
Link Posted: 10/23/2001 7:53:48 AM EST
NO!!! Don't do this. You will spend more money to do it right than its worth or you won't do it right and either break it or wreck it. It would require you to add a totaly new chasis (Frame, suspension,brakes, drietrain.). This will cost you as much as a new car. You will probably also have to make new body panels for the front to fit the engine. Go buy a descent small car with real wheel drive that looks slow. then spend the cash on suspension modsand engine tunning. Skip the NOS and go with sequential turbos. A car the sive of you dynasty with a v6 and 2 turbos will outrun the dynasty with the v10. Small cars need small engines to stay balanced. Undabanced vehicles crash when pushed. Dont bethe guy who try's to stick his head through a tree. Guncrazy223. --------------------------------------------- Some people are only alive because its illegal to killl them.
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