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Posted: 10/25/2004 4:38:50 PM EST
I bought my moms car, 1985 Eldorado good shape, for my work car( 20 mile one way). So comming to work this morning I noticed I had a low beam out. So I got the new headlight( in the box) and it was about 6.30 this evening(not quite dark yet) and I had my high beams on until I got out of the Omaha city limits. So I'm sitting at a stop light and a guy in front of me in a Orange BMW sticks his head outof the window and yells
"shut your fucking brights off". So I reacted, automatically, "fuck you". Then I remembered I had a firearm in the car. I thought "not cool", "don't want a road rage inncident that gets my ass kicked or I shoot some dickweed. If he would have said " your brights are killing me" , shut your brights off I would have just dimmed my lights and said sorry.
Link Posted: 10/25/2004 4:56:18 PM EST
you were just looking for an excuse to kill someone
Link Posted: 10/25/2004 4:57:56 PM EST
Damn...you passed up a perfectly good opportunity to commit a homicide...
Link Posted: 10/25/2004 5:00:18 PM EST
The Explorers lights are about as bright as the old car with the brights on. A lot of people flash their lights to tell you to turn them off. You should see it with the brights on.
Link Posted: 10/25/2004 5:02:13 PM EST
When I pack I'm on my *BEST* behavior. Calm, cool, collected and alert.

It's not only a good way to maintain situational awareness but it keeps you focused. I guess that it helps that I keep my weapon on me (IWB or OWB) and am always acutely aware it's there.
Link Posted: 10/25/2004 5:05:36 PM EST
Relativly good awareness. I am sure that you will become more used to keeping your cool in those situations. As a general rule I try not to get into too many confrontations like that in general. Seems like you have your head on straight, and you will be fine.
Link Posted: 10/25/2004 5:10:32 PM EST
My Nissan Maxima's low-beams often get mistaken for high-beams.

Until you switch on the REAL high-beams and melt their back bumper
Link Posted: 10/25/2004 5:11:46 PM EST
Did this take place under a bridge ?

Link Posted: 10/25/2004 5:14:38 PM EST
This place is troll central

Link Posted: 10/25/2004 5:24:05 PM EST
You've got a light out, so you decide to blind everyone by turning your brights on?

I would have yelled too. Or shot out both of your lights.
Link Posted: 10/25/2004 5:27:36 PM EST
Yes .......................................I'm a troll, On PETA.........................................
already been bounced by DU.
Who's next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Link Posted: 10/25/2004 5:34:14 PM EST
[Last Edit: 10/25/2004 5:34:46 PM EST by Synister1]
Tisk, tisk, tisk.

I remember one day I ran a buddy out to NFM, he didn't realize until we were there he still had his CCW holstered.

Back across the parking lot he scurries, covertly removes ammo, and locks firearm in my glovebox.

Link Posted: 10/25/2004 5:43:17 PM EST
Were you packing a .357?
Link Posted: 10/25/2004 5:54:19 PM EST
Someone calls you on being an inconsiderate moron for knowingly driving with your high beams on in traffic and they're the asshole? I forgot, its about you.

Link Posted: 10/25/2004 6:12:14 PM EST
i hate people who have lifted vehicles and tailgate or have their hi beams on. Its completely blinding for us small car drivers.
Link Posted: 10/25/2004 6:18:41 PM EST

Originally Posted By AZ_newguy:
Someone calls you on being an inconsiderate moron for knowingly driving with your high beams on in traffic and they're the asshole? I forgot, its about you.


I didn't say I was in the right. Who should I go get constructive feedback from?
Link Posted: 10/25/2004 6:27:01 PM EST
the same place you got the car
Link Posted: 10/25/2004 7:21:09 PM EST
I was walking out the door when I stubbed my toe on the door thresh hold.
I had my AR15 with me.
In a fit of rage I unloaded a 30 round mag into the threshhold while screaming.

We now return you to your egular programing.
Link Posted: 10/25/2004 7:26:12 PM EST
I would have told him to go fuck himself.
Link Posted: 10/25/2004 7:37:10 PM EST
Should have said with a Arnie-"Fock you ass hore"
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