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Posted: 5/27/2001 8:34:07 PM EDT
Here's what Bill O'Reilly should have said for his commencement address: "As I look out at this sea of bright young people, I am deeply saddened for I know what an uphill climb the unconnected among of you face in trying to pursue your own chosen brand of happiness. It's no wonder some have chosen to become casualties in this war by their own hand. "First, your fight with bloated, burdensome governmental bureaucracy at the world, national, state and local levels has really just begun. You are about to enter the arena of pressure-group politics where almost everyone is now your enemy; old people, businessmen, teachers, farmers, environmentalists -- everybody really -- have clustered together to leverage their power to get what they want, your money. They demand that the government hold a gun to your heads and take an ever-increasing slice of your wages so that they can have an easier time living the way they choose to live. In short, you have become a wealth-producing pawn whose accidental birth in America now entitles you to serve others. Forget what you learned here about the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, if this sorry bunch behind me taught it at all, because their role in the rule of law is becoming nil. This is primarily where the bad things that will happen to you during your lives will come from.
Link Posted: 5/27/2001 8:35:05 PM EDT
"Second, your rights have been eroded to the point that you now have less in common with an American of 1900 than you do with a German of 1935. The two-party system has eliminated a viable choice in candidates and voting itself is largely a scam. When you are told to shut the hell up five seconds after each election is over, you'll understand what I mean. Even the initiative process doesn't work: Ask the people of California about it. "Third, the judicial system is in real trouble, mostly because the people within it weren't raised right. Selective enforcement and cover-up's abound. Justice many times now depends upon how much money you have. Unfortunately, there is a huge amount of bogus law on the books now -- so much of it in direct conflict not only with the Constitution, but also with itself, that you cannot help violating it. As a newsman, I often see people who find themselves in a quandary over which law to obey and which one to violate. Therefore, you can expect to find yourself in front of a judge probably sooner than later. I hope you have accumulated enough cash when that time comes. "Fourth, I know that you all will have to start scaling back your dreams, and this saddens me because I know that I will lead a lesser life because of it. After you pay your fair share of taxes to pay for the retired people, the defense contractors, the U.N., the sorry countries overseas, the poor people, the farmers, the unions, the teachers and the politicians, you won't have much left. And even that will be subject to the erosion of inflation that the U.S. central bank has decided is good for you. Instead of your savings being worth more as time goes on, they will be worth less. I pity you for the coming poverty that will inevitably descend upon you. You'll also be called upon to volunteer some of your time in a lot of so-called worthy causes. Don't do it. Tell the scumbags to take a hike, that you give plenty at the office, and don't worry that some of them are ex-presidents, ex-generals and ex-governors. They're all wrong asking you for this kind of sacrifice and they should be ashamed of themselves for doing it.
Link Posted: 5/27/2001 8:37:20 PM EDT
"Last, for I see I'm running long, I'd like to pass along a little advice. Rage against the machine. Become one of the new fighters for freedom. Understand the plot of 'The Matrix.' Study the true roots of your country, understand them and their faults, and then learn how the pure heart of America has been corrupted by presidents, senators, congressmen, governors, judges and the power elite. Never subscribe to a printed newspaper. Never believe a campaign promise. Work for the recall of any public official who has violated the smallest provision of the Constitution. Wait for a real threat before joining the military. In the meantime, purchase and practice often with a handgun and a rifle. Home-school your kids. Buy gold. Get on the side of those who demand gold-based money, for gold is freedom. Study any kind of economics except Keynesian economics. Pursue rational self-interest, and hate state-supported volunteerism and socialism with a passion. Understand capitalism. Ignore the selective-service system. "And, above all, watch 'The Factor' every day! Thank you for listening." Robert Bero
Link Posted: 5/27/2001 8:49:37 PM EDT
Here's one of my favorite quotes from a commencement address: [b]"The true test of character comes when the stakes are high, when the chips are down, when your gut starts to turn, when the sweat starts to form on your brow, when you know the decision you are about to make may not be popular, but it MUST be made. That is when your true character is exposed. The associations you keep, the peers you choose, the mentors you seek, the organizations you affiliate with, all help to define your character. But, in the end, you will be judged as an individual, not as part of a group."-- Gen. Charles C. Krulak[/b]
Link Posted: 5/27/2001 9:03:14 PM EDT
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