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Posted: 1/19/2006 6:12:05 PM EDT
The other day I was sitting in my calculus class thinking about all the school shootings that have happened in the past and got to thinking, the average shooter has maybe a 9mm or maybe even up to a .223, I was thinking if it would be possible for an normal text book to stop a bullet at a range of say 25 yds, down the length of a hallway, I mean to think about it a text book is what, an inch and a half, two inches thick, how many of you out there think that a common text book could stop a bullet? Because I mean if it came down to it, I would sure as heck want a way to protect myself.
Link Posted: 1/19/2006 6:13:33 PM EDT
in before the text book o' truth.
Link Posted: 1/19/2006 6:15:51 PM EDT
I've thought about this too. I was thinking wear 2 backpacks one front and back with alot of books and you should be safe from pistol and shotgun rounds.
Link Posted: 1/19/2006 6:18:46 PM EDT
I don't think a Text book would stop a bullet. I don't know for sure, but I don't think it will.
Link Posted: 1/19/2006 6:18:58 PM EDT
Check the Box of Truth. Chances of ONE text book stopping a bullet almost NONE. Remember that a 9mm can easily penetrate 1 2x4 which is SOLID wood and Ive shot standard American Eagle 55 grn .223 thru 1/4" steel out at 300 yrds and they went thru like butter. So I'd say drop the books and duck and cover. Im sure at least one person in here will remind me that I have NO IDEA what I'm talking about but I wouldn't try the text book as anything more then something to throw at the guy trying to shoot you. Just my thoughts.
Link Posted: 1/19/2006 6:21:14 PM EDT
There's only one way to find out. Time to hit the range!
Link Posted: 1/19/2006 6:21:52 PM EDT
Might stop a handgun bullet, but you are gonna be a sore puppy either way.

And your back would go out long before you probably ever had to worry about being shot at anyway.
Link Posted: 1/19/2006 6:22:48 PM EDT
It might not stop a bullet, but I bet the shooter wouldn't feel too well after getting beaned with a couple Calculus frisbees.
Link Posted: 1/19/2006 6:28:09 PM EDT
Your time would be better spent unassing the area.
Link Posted: 1/19/2006 6:28:55 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 1/19/2006 6:29:23 PM EDT by LoginName]
If a loaf of bread can stop a bullet, then it's almost a certainty that a text book could.
Link Posted: 1/19/2006 6:30:34 PM EDT
I'd think the book would serve you better in an offensive role then a defensive role...

Throw tha sum' bitch!
Link Posted: 1/19/2006 6:32:30 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 1/19/2006 6:37:15 PM EDT by Bushwacker85]
A decent sized textbook will stop birdshot for the most part, but buckshot, slugs, 9mm, .223, and 7.62x39 are like a hot knife through butter. I shot my brother's old history book and it didn't do much to slow rounds down. Didn't try with a .22, probably make it through though.
Link Posted: 1/19/2006 6:34:35 PM EDT
maybe the old math books from back in the day, but this new math, its weak, and does not have the ballistic-fu you need.

better idea is to stand directly in front of the shooter, about 10 ft away. Punks these days could empty the gun and still not hit you from that distance. Then knock the crap out of him with your calculus text.
Link Posted: 1/19/2006 6:35:34 PM EDT
Somebody should page O_P
Link Posted: 1/19/2006 6:42:30 PM EDT
Shooting a book that was about three inches thick last summer - 9mm, .45, buckshot, 5.7x28 (hate to see a school shooting with that) all penetrated very well.
Link Posted: 1/19/2006 6:43:17 PM EDT
Back in the '60s me and a friend shot an English book in his basement with a .22. It went right through it.

We were going to put the book back on the school bookshelf, but we never got around to it. I don't suggest using one for protection.
Link Posted: 1/19/2006 6:48:55 PM EDT
I believe that they disproved this myth on Mythbusters.
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