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Posted: 3/14/2001 3:05:09 PM EDT
Number 1, I hope I don't insult anyone asking a question  on a glock (still new to the site), but this is a general discussion forum, and I can't find the "unoficial glock homepage".  So...  I'm in a shop looking for a glock 19 (.40 and .45 ammo is just getting to darn expensive!), and I come across a "refurbished" glock 23c, with 2 hi cap mags included in the deal.  Asking price was $460 with the mags.  I'm a little suspicious because the gun looks BRAND new, so I break it down, and low and behold, still looks new!  A little voice inside my head says "this is to good, beware", for just 30 minutes ago I was in another shop and a brand new 23c was going for $550.  Well, I wanted a glock, and I figure the hi caps are worth at least $75 a piece, so I bought it.  Went to the range with it that day, and it shot fine.  Question is, has anybody else dealt with a "refurbished" glock?  I would like to hope that I'm not going to hear any horror stories!  I'd greatly appriciate any feedback.  Thks in advance.
Link Posted: 3/14/2001 3:18:46 PM EDT
I have a "refurbished" G22.  When I received it, it looked like new.  The Magazines did have a number etched into them (badge #??).   I paid $499.99 with 2 15rnd mags.  I am not sure, if these were trade in or demos.

The pistol came complete with box, cleaning gear, lock,  and all paperwork.  

I think this may be the way to go, since it saves money.  Have put over a 1000 rounds through mine with not a problem.

I live in MA, so I can not buy a new one  [puke]

Link Posted: 3/14/2001 3:21:35 PM EDT
love mine. Enjoy!
Link Posted: 3/14/2001 3:26:17 PM EDT
You can head over to [b]Glock Talk[/b] at [url]http://glocktalk.com/[/url]

I know of a few refurbed Glocks, I don't think I'd worry about it.
Link Posted: 3/14/2001 3:30:28 PM EDT
THat is the beauty of Glock Inc.! When they refurbish a gun, they bring it up to brand new specs. As a former Glock Armorer, I can attest to this. A friend sent his out for a new set of night sights from the factory. Glock did not just slap the sights on, the went through the whole gun. Worn parts were replaced and they even refinished the slide to repair some scratches that occured during a fight with a prisoner! Glock stands by their product.
Hey Old Spfld, coming out to Harvard this year?
Link Posted: 3/14/2001 3:39:10 PM EDT
Link Posted: 3/14/2001 3:50:56 PM EDT
Thanks guys, you put my mind at ease.  Now my only problem seems to be that I still don't have a gun that shoots that cheap 9mm ammo, and my sig .40 may be on its way to being replaced!
Link Posted: 3/14/2001 4:24:32 PM EDT
My first Glock was a refurbished 19.  It came with two hi-caps as well.  I paid $500 for mine though.  I absolutley love it.  5 Glocks later it is still my favorite.  
Link Posted: 3/14/2001 4:32:27 PM EDT

Hey Old Spfld, coming out to Harvard this year?
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What is going on at harvard?  I rarely leave the safety of the 413 area code (western Mass).

Link Posted: 3/14/2001 4:58:24 PM EDT
Refurbished Glocks may well be the best deal available anywhere in firearms.
I personally prefer the original "straight" grip on the compact frames,,,,    
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[b][size=3]Thank you, Troy ([u]For both statements[/u])![/size=3][/b]
They ARE the best deal available in firearms today. I've never bought (or even heard of) one that didn't run 100% The full warranty seems to get the refurbs extra attention from Glock, they get anything that's even questionable replaced, then tested with two full mags (new ones get two rounds).

Liking the 2nd generation straight (but deep front, & rear serrated, & checkered - [u]not the 1st generation "sliders"[/u]) grips feels like being a "closet" S&W lover. I don't dislike the "groovy" ones (The 26/27/30 NEED them), but given a choice, I'll take the straight grips on any mid, & full sized Glock. JMO, but it's nice to know I'm not alone. I guess I just don't like being told where to put my fingers!
Link Posted: 3/14/2001 5:46:55 PM EDT
Thanks guys, you put my mind at ease.  Now my only problem seems to be that I still don't have a gun that shoots that cheap 9mm ammo, and my sig .40 may be on its way to being replaced!
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You can remedy that problem real easy!!!!  With the .40 cal. Glocks (G- 22,23,27& 35 also the .357Sig 31,32 & 33) the extractor comes over far enough to extract a 9mm cartridge from a 9mm barrel.  You could drop in a Glock 19 barrel and it would work BUT DON'T!  The factory G19 barrel has a sloppy fit though the 19 & 23 are identical in size, it'll cause un-needed battering on the slide.  Olympic Arms as well as others such as Bar-Sto and EFK make 416 stainless steel 9mm conversion barrels that retail from $100 up.  These barrels are the proper .40 dimensions but are chambered in 9x19 (9mm Luger).  No other parts are required other than the addition of Glock 9mm mag (G17 or 19) for most reliable performance.

This conversion is for novelty & practice, don't intend to make your 23 a permanent 19.   You should leave your gun setup with the factory .40 barrel and a factory Glock .40 mag for the utmost reliability!  A 9mm Glock cannot be converted to a .40 by dropping in a .40 barrel.

I'm 100% happy w/ the O.A. conversion barrel, it required no adjustment of sights and was very accurate.  If you have any other ??'s feel free to ask.

P.S. - My G23 was a refurb and I'm thrilled with it!!
Link Posted: 3/14/2001 5:53:33 PM EDT
As a current Glock armorer, I can say that you should have no qualms whatsoever about your purchase.  The only things that generally fail on Glocks are small parts, usually the trigger spring.  Glock goes through the refurbished guns and replaces any badly worn small parts.  The major assemblies like the barrel, frame, and slide are virtually indestructible unless you blow them up using bad reloads (be very careful if you reload for the .40- don't shoot lead bullets, and don't over-load the rounds or seat the bullets too deep.  The .40 is not forgiving of pressure spikes).
Link Posted: 3/17/2001 6:14:34 AM EDT
Old Spfld Armory,
I sent you an E-mail. Every year the Harvard host a GSSF shoot. Good time, and Good people.
Last year I was a Range Officer. I intend to do it again this year. If you plan on going drop me a line. Trust me, you can't miss me!
Link Posted: 3/17/2001 6:30:29 AM EDT
if some of the dept`s are like the one where i work, the glocks are fired only twice a year. so if there is a trade for upgrade on caliber, there`s more outside wear thjan inside!...[pistol]
Link Posted: 3/17/2001 6:44:27 AM EDT
About two or three years ago, it seemed that every dealer at a local gun show had refurbished Glocks on their tables.  Mostly model 17's.  Since I am a 9mm fan, I bought one fairly cheap with two hi-caps.  Like Troy said,
the mags were pretty scratched up with badge numbers etc.  When I brought it home and took it down, it was like brand new.  I don't shoot it much * I just can't get used to the trigger pull.  Anyway, like said above, one of the best deals going.
Link Posted: 3/17/2001 8:33:32 AM EDT
I have a former federal law enforcement glock 21 .45acp. I have fired it a couple thousand times without malfunction of any type! I carry it as a duty weapon now! If you take into account that glocks have been tested and have fired up to 200,000 rounds without malfunction, i don't think you'll have a problem! besides everything on a refurb except the slide and barrel is new! Buy ittttt! [>]:)]
Link Posted: 3/17/2001 10:25:10 AM EDT
Back here in Nevada, Gart Sports was having a sale on all glock models except the ones in .45.  Brand new, and they threw in an extra magazine for free.  Guess how much.  $419.  

Link Posted: 3/18/2001 1:01:31 AM EDT
 I had a Glock19 refurb.  I ran it like a cab for six years and sold it for 75 more than i paid for it. and it was still in top shape and running like a champ.
Link Posted: 3/18/2001 5:41:11 AM EDT
Link Posted: 3/18/2001 9:35:42 AM EDT
Big Daddy 45acp,

Thank you for the info.  Dependant on my work schedule, I would Like to check this event out.  Thanx on the G27 lead also.

Link Posted: 3/18/2001 1:09:45 PM EDT
Referb. Glocks are great deals.  Usually, Glock puts in hi cap mags to sell them, if the dealer hasn't pulled them out.  They stand behind their product, new or referb.
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