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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 7/30/2001 7:53:34 PM EST
ok, ever since i was a little kid (im 23 now) i have wanted to be a LEO, more specifically, on the SWAT team. I consider myself in good shape but a little on the small side (5'9'' 180) what is the average size of a SWAT officer? im sure it depends on the area and team duty, but give me an estimate...also, what kind of PT should i be doing? (i spent 3 yrs as a CAV Scout in the Army so i run, do situps, and can pushup till the sunsets, also lift weights) anything else? what kind of boots do you all wear? seems some Army type boots would NOT be suited to the job at hand...anyways, any help would be greatly appreciated thanks
Link Posted: 7/30/2001 8:32:37 PM EST
Get yourself into a police department first, you'll have plenty of time to figure out what they are looking for in SWAT members. I'm sure you won't have any problem meeting the physical requirements.
Link Posted: 7/30/2001 8:44:50 PM EST
for boots you need a pair with very hard rubber soles & reenforced steel tips that way you can kick a mans dog or step on his wifes throat when doing a no knock raid on the wrong house of an innocent civilian
Link Posted: 7/31/2001 6:30:12 AM EST
[Last Edit: 7/31/2001 6:30:15 AM EST by SARguy]
SkaerE, Most importantly, do your best in the academy. Your performance evals on the force will have a lot to do with your selection process. Those evals start in your training. The guys I've worked with were all on the street for 2-3 years minimum before being allowed to try out. That's probably the average around the country. Experience counts. As for PT, just stay in good shape. Each department will have different standards. There's no real "size" requirement that I've ever seen (altho' if you were 3'6" that may be on the short side). I've seen bigger guys than you on teams as well as smaller guys. As for boots, the guys I know all used whatever was comfortable. Personally, I would stay away from Hi-Tec's. Their soles are good in the bush, but are soft and wear a bit too easy for my taste when on concrete. Get something that's confortable, lightweight, and does not have a real deep lug sole. Good luck, my friend! -SARguy (Of course, don't take my word for it. Monkey*** here obviously has far more tactical prowess and experience than anyone else. He's probably a Delta Operator. [rolleyes]) (edit for spelling)
Link Posted: 7/31/2001 6:55:55 AM EST
[Last Edit: 7/31/2001 6:59:28 AM EST by SkaerE]
Monkey: SWAT, not ATF come on man... ;)
Link Posted: 7/31/2001 9:05:44 AM EST
SARGUY :"Their soles are good in the bush, but are soft and wear a bit too easy for my taste when on concrete." SARGUY what are you talking about? The soles are OK in the "bush" but the canvas that holds the soles onto your feet will fall apart. HI-Techs are awesome for Urban use but cannot stand up to use in the "bush". Do you remember the commercial slogan they used in the 90's? SHOES FOR THE URBAN JUNGLE I went into 1st Bat in 92 when HI-Techs were authorized for wear. 3 months later HI-Techs couldn't be worn after a guy had to use 100 mph tape to hold them together to exfil out of a field problem at FT. Stewart. They were great however for road marches, but that is not good enough when you don't know when and where you are going to go. The only service I know of that is allowed to use them is the Air Force why? Because except for a few select individuals they do not go into the "bush". Also cushion soles wear down faster than regular soles do because of the materials used in the sole. My vibram soles on my jungle boots wear faster than the regular soles. To me the extra wear is worth the hasssle of replacing the sole more often. SkaerE : It is my understanding that the teams will approach you. Don't go running around saying you are SWAT material they will judge for themselves. First get youself onto a police department that has a team or is part of a regional team, that would suck if they didn't wouldn't it? After 2-3 years and when the job gets posted you will know if they want you or not. Some departments do not have full time SWAT guys and they are on call and train in addition to doing patrol duties. Hope this cleared some stuff up for you. If I am wrong I am sure someone will be happy to correct me. [:D]
Link Posted: 7/31/2001 10:23:56 AM EST
techranger, By "soft" I mean not durable. The team guys I worked with found that under their operational conditions the soles didn't wear well. This was within the last 4 or 5 years. They complained that on concrete etc. they were ruining boots within 12 months. I didn't have that experience personally, but I did have one pair of Hi-Tecs that just plain came apart after repeated immersions in water (and yes, it was the uppers). My point is I don't think they are real durable. You're right on on the team structure. Most cities do not have full-time teams. Instead it's an "extra" duty with SWAT guys riding patrol or other duties when not training or operating. Most dept's I know (especially in the South) have a selection process that they open to any qualified officer within their dept. -SARguy
Link Posted: 7/31/2001 10:45:43 AM EST
[Last Edit: 7/31/2001 10:42:53 AM EST by Stg44]
First off, get through the academy and get your self hired. Get through the FTO (field training) program with a good record. Work on the road and make probation, (generally 1 year) Apply for the team. Our team has tryouts. They do the Cooper PFT. Running, pullups, pushups, vertal jump, and bench pressing 1/2 your body weight. Then there is a psychological exam. Finally an oral board. All members of the team have to vote yes, one down vote and you are not there. Smaller stature can be an advantage. Most entry team members are small, quick guys. Physical fitness is a major part. But the psychological makeup is extremely, and to me the single most important factor in a well rounded individual. Shooting, physical fitness, psychological fitness for the stress/quick decision making of the task. And no, other than the largest metropolitan areas SWAT is part time, on call. Some get incentive pay, others don't. The pay is minimal, if the pay is an issue, you don't need to be there. Rocky 911's are the issue boot of our team. (last time I checked, they were the boots issued to the 1st SWAT, LAPD's as well) HiTech do not hold up well. Bates new style boots are not comfortable. (exception the 924 SEAL model, I wear them at work, great boots) Don't worry about boots just yet. Get there first.
Link Posted: 7/31/2001 12:22:31 PM EST
Sit Wait And Talk. . . . . . & play with cool guns and do that dreaded PT.
Link Posted: 7/31/2001 12:28:42 PM EST
Link Posted: 7/31/2001 10:11:28 PM EST
no, being on the SWAT team and shooting these "submachienguns" that you speak of (just a little joking in here) is far from the only reason i have for wanting to join the police force. techranger: i figured that they would come to those who they felt could be used. i have no intention of being marked "some cocky newbie" by other officers for callin myself SWAT material before goin through the trials... ;) thank you to all that have posted in helpful responses, i do appreciate it thanks again
Link Posted: 8/1/2001 9:44:46 AM EST
Why don't you go try to be a SEAL or Recon or SF ? must have a burning desire to be a fag. oh yeah screw you SARqueer you walter mitty punk
Link Posted: 8/1/2001 10:40:16 AM EST
Originally Posted By SkaerE: Monkey: SWAT, not ATF come on man... ;)
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seeing as swat & atf work hand in hand on so many raids how can one tell who's who when thier assaulting your family & destroying your home "made be even with fire"
Link Posted: 8/1/2001 1:59:15 PM EST
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Originally Posted By Early-Chow-Recruit: Why don't you go try to be a SEAL or Recon or SF ? must have a burning desire to be a fag. oh yeah screw you SARqueer you walter mitty punk
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Pretty impressive intellect there, boy. [rolleyes]
Link Posted: 8/1/2001 4:19:06 PM EST
SkaerE, Hello. Good luck on your goals. Other members have posted most of what I thought would be relevant. In my geographical area I've never even heard of a full time team. Even the Feds are part time in this area. Most teams require 3years on patrol before you become eligible to apply. Our Cap. uses the Feds P.T. test. The team also votes on new members. Keep in mind that after you pass all the prelims the bottom line is do the other members want you? do they trust you? You establish your friendships, trusts, and reputation prior to the tests. The oral board is the most difficult, I think. Boots....... wear what you like, if they are appropriate.
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