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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 3/6/2002 7:54:11 PM EST
I fainted (don't know why, never happened before) at college and knocked myself out. While I was still messed up the campus police riffled through my wallet cause I couldn't tell them who I was. My license is in a flip out fold and my insurance card is displayed prominently on the other side, both very easy to find. My purchase permits are barely noticeable, unless of course you go through my entire wallet. The cops took them out and then told EMS that I had a lot of purchase permits. When I got to the hospital, while I was still dazed they insisted that I tell them whether I had a gun on me. Why the hell would I carry a gun illegally on campus and why the hell would it matter to the doctors in the emergency room? Can I complain about them making my purchase permits public to the department will they do anything about it, should I complain? Also I had a lock pick set in my wallet also hard to find, so they won't fall out, the set is gone. Has anyone confronted the police about apparent theft? Is it worth the trouble? Maybe I'm just pissed and venting. What do you people suggest I do? Thank you for your time I hope you can help. jakboiee@aol.com
Link Posted: 3/8/2002 11:26:08 AM EST
Yes, this is clearly an invasion of your privacy. One problem. You were passed out so you have no idea who to be pitching a fit with. I can think of a reason whoever went through the rest of your wallet. Some people keep medical condition information in there so I can understand this, BUT the inquisition about your purchase permits is bull crap. Complain to the Police Captin about the out of line questioning about a perfectly legal and protected right. Good luck.
Link Posted: 3/8/2002 1:17:32 PM EST
Or was it that the police were concerned about your well being? Perhaps they were looking for medical or family info. Perhaps they noticed a purchase permit (WTF???) and were concerned what might happen when you came to. I'm would guess the didn't know why you were "down" and it could have been anything from a stroke, OD, or siezure. I'm guessing they were conccerned that you might not be in your normal frame of mind when you started coming around. A person have difficulties percieving the world around them can be dangerous sometimes. If you feel that what they did was improper talk with a supervisor at the police dept. If you feel like it write out your perceptions of the event. Discuss the incident with them and aske that your concenrs be addressed. Ask for a written response from the PD about this incident.
Link Posted: 3/8/2002 1:26:02 PM EST
BTW a lock pick set is considered "burgler's tools" in some jurisdictions and their possession by non licensed locksmith or leo is a per se crime. Suggest you check that out b/f you complain. Best of luck!
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