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Posted: 6/1/2001 5:51:21 PM EDT
I posted this in one of the frikkin mcuzi threads, I was rather proud of it. So I thought I'd share with those that don't read them anymore. again If I make a difference in one mind.... You racist types are falling in exactly as Gore, Waxman, Jesse and all the other commies want you to. Keep that in mind. They talk about unity but they want to divide divide divide. It all starts with demonizing subtly or blatantly, objects, groups of people, corporations etc. For example, I'm seeing this commercial on tv a little bit ago for SWAT (students working against tobacco) Now I'm a smoker and I'd talk your damn ear off if you were contemplating starting up telling you why not to, but these kids weren't telling you not too, (they [commies] finally figured out that didn't work) they were telling you how evil the tobacco corps are. How are they evil? they make a product, make loads of cash off it and people die from it. Hows that evil? because they make money from deadly products? I make the choice everyday to hand that cashier my 3.55 no tobacco corporation made it for me and I know if I don't wisen up...it WILL kill me. I really can't see why they'd want to shut tobacco down, they get loads more money from them than they pay out for free socialist healthcare to those that get f'ed up from it. But then I think of that hidden little gain they get from it...division. It starts out people vs. tobacco, a lot can accept the tobacco industry as evil but thats just getting you ready, once people vs. tobacco is going in full force it'll be people vs. oil industry and then something else and so on until it's people vs. anyone or corp. with a lot of money. Fukken commies. Demonize a subject and you will create division, and once you make some divisions, you make smaller ones. Divide first by the easiest caucasians vs. minorities, (we've already got that one down pat, but they wan't to make sure it's still going strong so they give us affirmative action, quotas and the NAACP with all their anto-corporate extortion schemes.)divide then by gays vs. heteros divide then by gun people vs. gun grabbers dived then by republicans vs. hippies divide again by meat-eaters vs veggies, all thats already started, people vs. money/corporations like above is just getting off the ground. It's all around you and you know it you don't have to look hard, it's been bugging and nagging at you quietly for quite a while hasn't it? And you know exactly what it will lead to. We'll never see libertarians* in any sort of power, and as much as it pains me to say it, as if I believe it's a bad thing, we'll never again see true conservatives in power. No wonder the Klu Klux Klan spells with Ks. Thanks all you commie supporting dividers! *for the record I don't support a lot of what the libertarians stand for but they're probably the best bet about now.
Link Posted: 6/1/2001 5:58:59 PM EDT
Well said. The ring-knockers may not have instigated any of the divisions, but they sure know how to exploit them. I've posted this before, and it bears repeating. First marginaliszed, then demonized, then ostracized, then murdelized. Those of you who laugh at the conspiracy theorists are in for a rude awakening. It is not a conspiracy, it is a PLAN.......
Link Posted: 6/1/2001 9:40:22 PM EDT
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