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Posted: 4/18/2002 5:53:05 AM EDT
it just plain makes me mad that i have watched as close as i could for the last two weeks or so and there seems to be no report of what's going on in afghanistan, yet we have a friendly fire accident and that's all we hear about. the ferocity some reporters/news agencies here in the usa have jumped on this makes me think that they are mad at our own government. i get mad too, but then i don't have the power to manipulate things abc, cbs, etc. do. i'm not jealous, just ,heck i don't like getting manipulated in everyday life, and i try not to do it to others. yeah, i know i opened a BIG door for comments not germain to the issue. it really makes me mad that our various news agencies "spin" the news to show what they want us to see or hear. i wish we could just get the info and decide for ourselves.
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