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Posted: 9/16/2001 11:33:14 AM EDT
One of my posts was edited as supporting genocide. I do not. Nowhere have I generically criticized arab-americans, etc. I vehemently support a total war concept in going against the nations who support terrorism. I believe that this network is extensive and involves most of the nations of the middle east. Further, anything less than this will certainly lead to an increase in terrorist activity as well as an increase in the lethality of those attacks. Total war is total war. We should not fight this on their terms but on ours. I keep hearing "this is a new kind of war". That is exactly what the enemy is counting on. We should make this a good old-fashioned war. They are testing us for weakness and have been doing so for decades. Clearly we cannot even kill all the afgani's-there are 20 million of them. But anyone who stands in our way...If we're not willing to go all out here then we shouldn't go at all.
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