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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/11/2001 2:13:14 PM EST
I'm 19 years old, i thought that the worst it could possibly get was the Oklahoma City bombing a few years ago. In my wildest fantasies about the United States, i never pictured her standing wounded as she is. Thousands of Americans were killed today. And they were killed on American soil, American cities, American buildings were all burned and destroyed. She's been cut and burned and slashed, but she will survive. She is strong. She is led by a strong office, and backed by a strong, determined, and supportive populace. Ultimately, I feel as if Afghanistan should be destroyed. They have been harboring the fugitive Bin Laden (and this is assuming he is responsible, which I fully believe)and have ultimately been supporting his actions in the past decades. He has bombed embassies in Africa, bombed our warships in foreign ports, and during the milleniam was foiled in attempts to attack us...he attacked and destroyed AMERICA today. Not african embassies, or Arabian ports, America. I fully support the absolute destruction of Afghanastan and any other country who would harbor a man such as Bin Laden. We needn't rush, we can take our time and amasse our forces. I'm talking, full scale ground invasion of Afghanastan and the destruction of the Taliban, as they are the supportors of Bin Laden. People claim that the Taliban is oppressing the people, then these people will step aside and let us freely destroy the Taliban, the people that have been oppressing them for so many years. I'm sorry if civilians are killed, I would NEVER advocate the killing of civilians, but if they got in the way then that's too bad. The people responsible need to be destroyed. I am 19 years old, and this morning I witnessed the most horrible thing that i have ever seen, and hope to ever see. America will rebuild herself and will rebuilt stronger. We Are America. We Will Triumph.
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