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Posted: 9/14/2004 10:07:32 AM EDT
Here is my attempt at getting a letter put in my local paper since it seems that all that has been in there is propaganda about how Bush is bad for letting the AWB sunset.

I would appreciate some feedback and if I did screw up some information, I would appreciate someone correcting me before I submit the article..


I would like it to be known that the sunset of the “assault weapons” ban is not as big of deal as many people are making it out to be. AR15 and AK47 style firearms were still available in their “sporter model” versions, which had some of their accessories removed. The only difference between an AR15 that I had last year and an AR15 that I plan on buying next is that now I can having a flash hider, a bayonet lug, and a folding or collapsible stock on it. Those us that collect rifles such as these would much rather have them in their original form, much like those who collect anything else would want.
This ban expiring does not mean that automatic AK47s or M16s are once again available, any “Class 3” firearm manufactured after the 1986 ban are still not transferable to a civilian, the ones that are transferable will cost you anywhere from $8,000 and up and require an extensive background check to get, not to mention the $200 ATFE tax stamp. Those that attempt to modify their semi-automatic firearm to make it full-auto will still get 10 Years in prison.
Large capacity magazines that were manufactured before 14Sept 1994, have always been legal to own and use, even in a “post ban” firearm. Now instead of relying on old stock and hand-me-downs, they are once again legal to purchase new, or be included with a new firearm.
The “assault weapons ban” has been nothing more than a propaganda tool as it has not had any affect on stopping crime. Time and energy would be much more productive in stopping crime, such as getting the real criminals into a cell, and not letting them out on “good behavior”. If you want to make a gun law that will work, how about adding a five year sentence on top of their first sentence for anyone who uses a firearm to commit a felony. That way those of us who are no felons can be left alone to enjoy our “Assault Rifles” at the range.

R**** *****r
A****, PA

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