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Posted: 5/22/2005 4:53:51 AM EST
1foot deep in cat crap and piss all over EVERYTHING, stove, bathtub, tolet, sink.....

the cops and fire dept. would even go in the house..

the dept. of heath ignore the problem in the past till it got so bad someone call the cops and said the tought the lady was dead inside from the stench..

the cops got the cort order and forced the heath dpt to come done and condem the house.. the apl wouldnt take the cats so "place a pet" foundation came to help, and they were PISSED that APL would do chit about this to help them..

the cats were so inbread for being locked in there for 6 years, that many had NO EYES and deformed limbs..

it it was me, i would have tossed a road flare in and burned the crap hole to the ground..
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