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11/20/2019 5:07:11 PM
Posted: 10/23/2004 8:13:38 PM EST
The local police department is hiring.
I tested back in '89 and was 4th on the hire list and offered a position but went into the navy, and then did some other jobs after that.
A few years ago I thought it would be a good career to look into again after other things not being satisfying but their age limit was around 31, I was maybe 34.
Now their limit is 35, but I'm 38, but at this point I'm thinking of applying anyway and challenging the age limit as discrimination. But is it really discrimination? It seems so if I could do as well as others, which I likely would.
Link Posted: 10/24/2004 6:26:36 AM EST
How long were you in the Navy? The NYPD gives allowences for Military time. We had a guy that was 39 in my company. I think he was Airforce.
Link Posted: 10/24/2004 7:40:45 AM EST
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Link Posted: 10/24/2004 5:39:35 PM EST
Lapd had a grandfather (62 I think) graduate a few years back. In my state it is the State plice pension board that often is the issue. There cut off is 47. But no where in the law does it say you have to belong to that pension fund. You want to fight it?? How much money you got?
Link Posted: 10/27/2004 2:35:10 PM EST
Appreciate the answers folks, I haven't been online for a few days so couldn't read the responses.
I was in the navy and army national guard infantry also, navy was last though, army active duty time was before the police testing, anyhow, not certain how much time that would account for combining those.
I was only in the navy 9 months though, I enlisted for buds and had a lot of trouble with my ears from the swimming. Anyhow, maybe they'll consider that time.
I also thought of the possible fallout from going over their heads route striker, but I guess if that's the only way it's even possible I don't know what other option there is. Unfortunate it was against you with the local academy there.
Someone I know from online also told me about a training officer at the academy who's dad who was in his '50s and was under him at the academy, this was in the pheonix, sp?, area. 62 is the oldest I've read about though.
We'll see, appreciate the responses again.
Link Posted: 10/28/2004 2:16:20 AM EST
As far as I've seen the city will place an age limit on hiring but then the county will not have a cut off age. If you're seriously thinking about it, see if any other local departments have an age limit. I don't believe it's discrimination because they feel it's for safety reasons. If you want a good one to challenge, I noticed in the employment ad for the American Cancer Society locally that they would not hire smokers. Beat that one down!
Link Posted: 11/1/2004 8:00:50 AM EST
I had a 58 year old guy in my academy. He graduated just fine. There have been older recruits that have graduated as well. If you can pass all of the academic and physical tests then there is no problem with age here in Virginia.
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