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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/14/2001 7:21:18 PM EST
As I was watching the news last night with my wife, I saw video of three heros. Two were human rescue workers, and one was a German Shepherd. They were sleeping in the dust in a doorway, with the canine and his master huddled together. I was overcome with emotion. I cried for almost an hour. As I re-collected my senses, I realized that I wasn't really crying in pain. It hurts, knowing of all those who suffered and died by the actions of so few, but that's not where my tears come from. My tears are from anger. A rage inside that cannot, MUST NOT be allowed to subside. Those responsible must be destroyed. No cruise missiles. No tactical strikes. Full scale invasion, with nothing other than complete eradication as a goal. If we, as Americans begin to forget how angry we are now, our disgust for those people who both enacted this devastating attack on our soil, and for those who support or celebrate our injury, we will loose the resolve it will take to fulfill the words of our leader. "Declaration of War" defines the level of resolve that we must sustain. We must not loose our will to fight back, or we will face these tragedies again. We are the world's only remaining "super power". We have the means and the might to turn the land of any terrorist into a piece of dirty radioactive glass. Should we move forward with the nuclear option? I for one don't know, but I would support our president's right to exercise that power. Should we devote all the strength and resources of our armed forces to the complete extermination of the evil that supported this attack? The answer to that is yes. A strong and resounding YES must be the answer to that question for as long as people who orchestrate and carry out these horrible acts remain in this world. We as a country have spent decades attempting to help broker peace in the region of the world that spawned the plan to attack us. We have given money, food, personnel, and military support to many of these countries that are celebrating our misfortune. For our assistance, we get bitten. This bite should make us angry. We should turn our anger into a lesson, a reminder to all those who would dream of making us suffer. Don't bite the hand that feeds you. It WILL strike you back hard.
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