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Posted: 10/24/2001 6:32:15 PM EDT
Originally Posted By kramrd: Let me give you an example of my situation:... I joined the Army Reserve about 18 months ago after they waved a $30,000 sign on bonus in front of me... So I took it. Weekend/month and 2 weeks/year drill ... easy, piece-o-cake. With that, it was my understanding that in time of war, I could be called again to serve my country. I'm fine with that, which is why I joined the reserves ... should I get called up my employer has to keep my job for me. In private practice, all my patients would have sought treatment elsewhere and I could have lost my practice... Anyway, after joining the reserves it was also my understanding that I could be deployed overseas like in desert storm ... fine. I don't mine doing dentistry in a tent and best case I could remain back here in the states to back-fill the slots for those who do go overseas. If I went overseas, I'm cool with the fact that my tent could be hit by a SCUD... I got my SGLI. BUT, and this is a big BUT! I recently found out that IF a dentist was deployed, they assemble into "Forward Teams" ... you don't actually go behind enemy lines but a dentist and 2 assistants go forward to set up a supportive unit. In WAR dental augments medical. This is where I draw the line... I'm just a dentist and WILL NOT go to the front ... that aint what I signed on to do! YES, I'm willing to die for my country should an incoming missile hit base camp or the aircraft carrier that I'm on. But I sure as Heck aint gonna put my ass intentionally in a ringer. I signed on to fix teeth. That's my story. IF ordered to the front, I intend to refuse. I'll face UCMJ then go back to my cushy state job or go back into private practice once they send me home. Does that make me a non-patriot? Of course not. I am willing to serve in the capacity for which I am best at doing. What I do have is a problem with people who sign on and take the government's bonuses and then when a crisis hits America they say "I don't wanna go." I'm not one of those people. So when you hear people say that they are conscientious objectors ... there may be a small few who have something to back their particular situation up with. M.
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Very well thought out argument. But I still think you would be ashamed of yourself. What if there was a shortage of medics, and you were needed at the front to save lives? I suppose you would just give back your $30,000 bonus and leave, huh? Frankly, I'm surprised that you would articulate your cowardly views in this forum. You joined the military, but you will not go to the front, huh? MEN fought and died for the freedom that we enjoy. Few of them wanted to go to the front. None of them wanted to die. But they did go, and they did die. They did not say, "I'm to valuable to go to the front" or "This is not what I signed up for." When the time comes, you do what you need to do. But be advised, all the clever rationalization in the world will not keep you from being a disgrace to the uniform. Reference the You mean you have to fight in the Army? thread. Just had to post this because I am so proud of my AR15 brothers who took the time to explain to kramrd the error of his ways. I typed my response before I realized the post was locked. Sorry. AR15.com, where people still believe in duty, honor, and country.
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