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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 10/23/2001 3:32:52 AM EST
i want to find a some good ones. i have a 136 IQ. which is defined as highly gifted and appearing to be a genius to others. i don't know, i don't FEEL smart. i've been smart enought not to smoke or do drugs. i'm msart enought to see that guns are cool and necaessary (sp?). know any good ones? (online) OffRoad
Link Posted: 10/23/2001 3:39:32 AM EST
Link Posted: 10/23/2001 3:42:52 AM EST
thanks Santyth
Link Posted: 10/23/2001 3:55:50 AM EST
Link Posted: 10/23/2001 4:01:26 AM EST
Hell, I'm dumb as a fence post, but atleast I can spell. Mike
Link Posted: 10/23/2001 4:06:47 AM EST
Glad [b]someone[/b] caught that jab. C'mon, guys! Get with it! [:P]
Link Posted: 10/23/2001 4:06:47 AM EST
You are, of course, not very good with spacing.
Link Posted: 10/23/2001 4:13:34 AM EST
Here's a link to some online tests: [url]http://www.euthanasia.org/mensal.html#tests[/url] But if you already know what your IQ is, why do you want to find the tests?
Link Posted: 10/23/2001 4:16:11 AM EST
Link Posted: 10/23/2001 4:26:46 AM EST
Now he's all caps, missed a comma, and extraneous punctuation. Some kinda Brain Surgeon, no doubt.
Link Posted: 10/23/2001 4:44:21 AM EST
Link Posted: 10/23/2001 9:10:52 AM EST
[Last Edit: 10/23/2001 9:05:35 AM EST by lonegunman]
Russian Roulette is a good I.Q. test. All an I.Q. test measures is your ability to reason ans understand. It has no bearing on success, ability to earn money or interpersonal skills. Most tests only work with a very specific group of people,i.e. middle income white males from 21-45 years old, or a slightly different version for women. A true I.Q. test must be administered in person and one on one for accuracy. Oh and by the way,,,,I am smarter than you, naa,naa naaa,naaa,naaaa
Link Posted: 10/23/2001 9:13:03 AM EST
Link Posted: 10/23/2001 9:24:16 AM EST
[Last Edit: 10/23/2001 9:19:28 AM EST by kato515]
[url]www.emode.com[/url] They have IQ tests as well as some other really good ones check it out.Then go into all tests .
Link Posted: 10/23/2001 9:26:26 AM EST
I took a free online IQ test and scored 155. For the low low price of $15.95 I could have a certicate stating my score and an analysis of how intelligent I really am. I believe I could get it on a T-shirt if I wanted to as well. [:D] At least I was smart enough to know it was BS. [beer] to all the lovely stupid people like me. [:D]
Link Posted: 10/23/2001 9:29:59 AM EST
Marriage. That's a pretty good IQ test. Yeah. Start with 200 points: Did you? (lose 50) She hate guns? (lose 50) Still with her anyway? (lose 40) You get the idea.....
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