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Posted: 3/22/2002 4:56:37 AM EST
[Last Edit: 4/6/2002 12:22:04 PM EST by The_Beer_Slayer]
Link Posted: 3/22/2002 5:05:12 AM EST
Heartworms are nasty, their like thick spaghetti that clutter the dog's heart. The heart will actually enlarge to gross proportions in order to try to keep pumping. It is a horrible death. I don't think it takes that long, months mayebe.
Link Posted: 3/22/2002 5:28:43 AM EST
That price sounds about right. My wife is taking a stray she found down to the vet today for heartworm treatment and it is going to cost $285. Had a german sheperd in the past that cost over $400. I think it is based on the weight of the dog. My understanding is they first have to kill the heartworms with a shot of some type of arsenic derivative. Apparently, this gets into the bloodstream and kills the worms. Then you have to follow up and give the dog monthly pills that cost about $5 a pill. It's expensive being an dog lover.
Link Posted: 3/22/2002 6:12:08 AM EST
Link Posted: 3/22/2002 8:56:39 AM EST
If needed I will also contribute to the medical care.
Link Posted: 3/22/2002 9:25:14 AM EST
Count me in on the fund if one is set-up.
Link Posted: 3/22/2002 10:04:06 AM EST
I'll kick in $5 as well.
Link Posted: 3/22/2002 10:27:37 AM EST
Originally Posted By ikor: If you swear this dog is an official member of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy, and keep us updated on his progress, I'll contribute $5 toward his treatment. (Can't offer to take him myself...have two already)
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Dang it, I'm turning into such a softy in my old(er) age!!! I'm in for 5 bones
Link Posted: 3/22/2002 11:22:21 AM EST
Link Posted: 3/22/2002 12:05:11 PM EST
Slayer, I bought a motorcycle from a guy in Nashville last month. To make a long story short, his wife is an animal rights nut and the day I met them she was running a "rescue mission" for a couple dogs that had been adopted by someone in NY. I don't know if they would be interested, but they have the funds (he's an MD). If nothing else pans out, let me know and I'll call them to see if they are interested in him. Good luck!
Link Posted: 3/22/2002 12:08:10 PM EST
My wife is a DVM. If you're active duty / retired / military dependant and in NC she can help.
Link Posted: 3/22/2002 3:18:28 PM EST
Link Posted: 3/22/2002 4:33:57 PM EST
Do not wait on this treatment. Please let us help. I just got bad news back from the vet today and don't want you to have to get that. (Heartworms are bad enough news -- you may not have a few months to save up the money, seriously.) Eventually I will need your help, but will in all likelihood say that I don't need it. Even if it's not needed, it's good to have. So make me accept it just like we're doing to you. Particularly in your case, where you're doing a favor for homeless dog. We're not necessarily doing [i]you[/i] a favor, but are helping in your rescue effort for this dog. We prolly wouldn't even mind if you kept him and gave him a good home.... I think I can do paypal, otherwise give me an address and you'll get $5 (maybe $10 or $20) in the mail. Please let us help this pup. There's enough pain and suffering that goes on with pets that are well fed and cared for. I know, and have had a very emotional week. And thank [i]you[/i] for helping him. So what's your PO box?
Link Posted: 3/22/2002 4:44:04 PM EST
Link Posted: 3/22/2002 5:21:17 PM EST
Link Posted: 3/22/2002 6:06:18 PM EST
As the designated "good home", I'm in as well!!! Seriously, Mike and I really appreciate what y'all are puttin' forth. This was an added expense that neither one of us was counting on, and to give "Bullet" a good home is a noble cause indeed. My other one dog is lonely! We'll leave this "open" for one week to get responses if any more care to help, then off to the vet he goes, I don't want to prolong this. Once again, thanks, and this proves once again that this is THE FINEST web community out there, bar none!!!
Link Posted: 3/22/2002 6:19:05 PM EST
Hey beer slayer, I'd be glad to help, but I'm computer stooopid, and have no friggin idea what paypal is or how it works...but I ain't all bad, I love dogs. I'm gonna give you a link to a vet supply catalog where my daughter works. It's the largest in the USA. They supplied all the doggie boots for the search and rescue dogs at the WTC. She gets 25% off, so if there's any meds in there that you need, I can get them for you, provided you can supply a prescription if it's required. It sounds like the meds aren't the exspensive part, though. Here's the link: [url]http://www.drsfostersmith.com/[/url]
Link Posted: 3/22/2002 6:28:58 PM EST
[Last Edit: 3/22/2002 6:30:19 PM EST by palmer]
[b][blue]Paypal sent!![/blue][/b]
Link Posted: 3/23/2002 4:04:51 AM EST
Link Posted: 3/23/2002 4:39:27 AM EST
I'll chip in too. That's a cool looking dog, you ought to keep him. Shane
Link Posted: 3/23/2002 4:46:46 AM EST
aw hell paypal sent.
Link Posted: 3/23/2002 6:28:58 AM EST
Link Posted: 3/23/2002 6:37:54 AM EST
Paypal sent.
Link Posted: 3/23/2002 6:48:25 AM EST
I'm in!! Sent $5.00 via Paypal.[beer]
Link Posted: 3/23/2002 6:59:59 AM EST
5 bucks sent via paypal. -T.
Link Posted: 3/23/2002 7:56:25 AM EST
We have an old dog with heartworms. He's had them for years and years. About seven years. He is an exception, though. Most of the time the dog needs to be put down. Please keep us updated on the Pup Fund, Beer Slayer. I'd like to know how it's going.
Link Posted: 3/23/2002 9:42:35 AM EST
Y'all ROCK!!! I'm goin' to pick the pooch up right now, we'll take him to the vet next Monday I'm sure.
Link Posted: 3/23/2002 3:34:40 PM EST
C'mon Beer_Slayer, I sent ya pics of Rocky in his new home to post, now POST, dammit!!![:)>]
Link Posted: 3/23/2002 3:41:34 PM EST
Link Posted: 3/23/2002 5:47:35 PM EST
PayPal sent. So, ph119, will the pooch be yours? If so, it looks like a great family he's getting! Take care of these heartworms. I've had heartache all week, and no amount of money or medicine can fix it. Thank you guys for helping this dog!
Link Posted: 3/23/2002 6:54:26 PM EST
Looks like he found himself a good home. BeerSlayer, you are a class act.
Link Posted: 3/24/2002 1:09:02 AM EST
Paypal sent. BTT
Link Posted: 3/24/2002 7:47:43 AM EST
UPDATE: Rocky loves it here, and we love him here. My other dog's spirits seem to have sparked up now that she has company. He has a HUGE back yard to romp in and is always welcome inside. Once again, thanks guys, he and we appreciate y'alls help. Paul
Link Posted: 3/24/2002 6:00:50 PM EST
Please let us know how the heartworm treatment goes. As I understand it, they are very difficult to treat (I could be misinformed). Thank you both for helping this guy out!
Link Posted: 3/24/2002 6:34:55 PM EST
Link Posted: 3/25/2002 4:25:45 AM EST
Link Posted: 3/25/2002 4:49:40 AM EST
Link Posted: 3/25/2002 5:07:43 AM EST
Paypal on the way. Anything for an AR15 dog loving Deadhead. [):)]
Link Posted: 3/25/2002 5:11:48 AM EST
Link Posted: 3/25/2002 5:54:38 AM EST
[Last Edit: 3/25/2002 1:07:06 PM EST by Houston]
$5.00 on its way via paypal.
Link Posted: 3/25/2002 1:07:40 PM EST
Did he go to the vets today? If so, any update on his condition?
Link Posted: 3/25/2002 3:06:51 PM EST
Link Posted: 3/25/2002 5:39:53 PM EST
I hope everyone that is following this thread goes the prevention route with thier animals. They make heart-worm pills that you give once a month to help prevent this problem, it used to be you would have to hide it in a piece of cheese or something but now it comes in a snack like chunk. Can't remember the cost but it seems like $30 a year for a dog under 20lbs. I have seen ads for getting this on-line at a reduced rate but haven't tried it yet. I belive the heartworm is transmitted by mosquitoes?
Link Posted: 3/26/2002 9:56:24 AM EST
Link Posted: 3/27/2002 11:01:43 AM EST
Link Posted: 3/27/2002 11:32:52 AM EST
PayPal on its way. I love dogs and it looks like this is a good one getting a good home. Keep us informed. Thanks.
Link Posted: 3/27/2002 1:14:01 PM EST
Link Posted: 3/27/2002 1:27:19 PM EST
Originally Posted By The_Beer_Slayer: thanks again guys!! I have tried to send everyone that donated a personal thanks. if i missed anyone please forgive me. Things are nuts around here!! mike
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A healthy pet is thanks enough. Bill
Link Posted: 4/5/2002 7:54:42 PM EST
[Last Edit: 4/5/2002 7:59:05 PM EST by toaster]
Updates? Hows the pup doing? Edit: I got your IM Mike. I just didnt notice the flashing thingy before now. -T.
Link Posted: 4/5/2002 8:51:31 PM EST
PH119 you are a good man and a loving father, hope you get all you deserve in this life!I'm covering your back here in oklahoma! bob cole
Link Posted: 4/6/2002 12:18:51 PM EST
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